Afghanistan collapse signals world nations to abandon the PETRO DOLLAR … America’s last days are upon us

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Image: Afghanistan collapse signals world nations to abandon the PETRO DOLLAR … America’s last days are upon us

(Natural News) There’s never a situation so bad that government can’t make it worse, and the (literally) exploding catastrophe in Afghanistan is setting into motion a series of dominoes that look almost certain to collapse the United States of America as we know it. (Not tomorrow, as this will take time, but it has all been set into motion…)

This article — and today’s Situation Update podcast — explains why.

It all hinges on the fact that the US dollar has long been the “petro dollar” with world reserve status. This allows the US government to seemingly print endless trillions of dollars in new, fiat currency, and use that counterfeit money to prop up its criminal cabal (to enrich Big Pharma, control states with federal money, pay workers to stay home, bail out the wealthy banksters, etc.).

But this world reserve status is now set to collapse as the nations of the world watch America’s total failure to defend even its own military personnel and citizens in Afghanistan. The collapse of Kabul and now the bombings and killing of at least 12 US soldiers signifies the collapse of US military readiness, where woketard military generals like Milley and Austin are wholly consumed with being “woke” rather than defending America against its strategic enemies around the world.

The following “woke” meme of Gen. Milley depicts how the world now views the truly retarded and treasonous US Pentagon leadership:

Under the leadership of treasonous, overfed military bureaucrats like Milley, the Pentagon has collapsed into a pathetic joke. The current US “president” Joe Biden is a cognitively neutered dementia patient. The regime’s policies on economics, border control and covid are catastrophic beyond imagination. Even many Democrats are now missing Trump and his “mean tweets,” as at least when Trump was tweeting mean things, gasoline was affordable, supply lines worked and US Marines weren’t getting blown up in Kabul.


All the world is watching as the entire promise of the US government, its dollar and its world reserve currency status — all hinging on the idea that the US could project military power and defend its personnel and bases around the world — are now in a state of accelerating collapse.

The upshot is that over 100 nations around the world are rumored to be preparing to abandon the dollar as a world reserve currency. Saudi Arabia may be among these nations, and if that nation abandons the petro dollar, then it’s truly game over for America.

Without global “faith” in the counterfeit dollar, the US instantly loses its ability to print new currency without plunging the nation into a Venezuela-style hyperinflationary crisis. They will print dollars anyway, of course, as America follows in the footsteps of Weimar, Germany in the final fiscal looting chapter of this nation’s history. Before long, the entire US federal government collapses as it cannot issue payroll checks, pension payouts or even fund its own military. The entire corrupt, pathetic, criminal swamp system implodes and brings down much of the nation with it. In the ashes of America will, by necessity, rise up new regional nation states like the Republic of Texas.

In this scenario, all dollars become nearly worthless overnight. Financial transactions grind to a halt. Cryptos and gold soar to new heights as people panic to flee the collapsing dollar currency. The nation plunges into lawlessness and chaos, with mass starvation, violence and homelessness becoming the “new normal.”

This is what happens when ignorant people vote for incompetent Democrats and allow their elections to be rigged… it’s all collapses into despair and death.

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Adams has also helped defend the rights of home gardeners and protect the medical freedom rights of parents. Adams is widely recognized to have made a remarkable global impact on issues like GMOs, vaccines, nutrition therapies, human consciousness.

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