UW Medicine DENIES life-saving heart transplant to patient because he won’t take heart-damaging COVID vaccines

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Image: UW Medicine DENIES life-saving heart transplant to patient because he won’t take heart-damaging COVID vaccines

(Natural News) After a year and half of refusing efficacious treatment to COVID patients, the University of Washington Medical Center refuses to perform life-saving operations if the patient is not vaccinated with COVID spike proteins. UW Medicine is currently denying a 64-year-old patient a life-saving heart transplant because he won’t take the experimental vaccine protocol. He has been waiting for this transplant for the past two and half years.

The Monroe patient, Sam Allen, was taken off the wait list in June and told he must satisfy the hospital’s “compliance concerns” before he could ever receive a transplant. Allen is currently suffering from mitral valve regurgitation, tricuspid valve regurgitation, aortic valve regurgitation, aneurysm of thoracic aorta, and dilated cardiomyopathy, and desperately needs the transplant. To make matters worse, the COVID vaccine protocol represents a serious contraindication due to the risk of heart inflammation and blood clots from the vaccines.

How many patients will be murdered because hospitals discriminate against the “unvaccinated?”

Mr. Allen suffers from three leaky heart valves. Because there is not enough blood being pumped to his lungs, he has a difficult time breathing and cannot under any circumstance, wear a mask. After refusing to wear a mask, his doctors set him aside and told him he must be vaccinated in order to receive the heart transplant. “The cardiologist called me and we had a discussion, and he informed me that, ‘well, you’re going to have to get a vaccination to get a transplant.’ And I said, ‘well that’s news to me. And nobody’s ever told me that before.’ And he says, ‘yeah, that’s our policy,’” Allen recalled.


After choosing to not wear a mask or get the vaccines, his doctors took him off the organ donor wait list. The United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) sent a letter to Allen the following week. It was signed by UW Medicine and the Cardiac Transplant/Advanced Heart Failure Therapies Selection Committee.

“Your name has been removed from the wait list at the University of Washington Medical Center. This was done in follow-up to your recent conversation with providers regarding the heart transplant selection committee’s concerns about compliance with COVID-19-related policies and recommendations,” the letter reads. “We can re-assess you for reinstatement on the waiting list should the compliance concerns resolve in the future or, if you wish, refer you to another center for evaluation in the meantime.”

Allen wrote back, discussing the cardiac side effects associated with this experimental vaccine and did not think it was necessary to panic and get injected with it. On August 10, he received a response from the assistant director of patient relations. “As your provider noted, they are happy to re-evaluate should you change your mind,” wrote Bo Secord.

The hospital’s policy “absolutely will lead to my death,” said Allen.

UW Medicine has abandoned all medical ethics, now openly committing crimes against humanity

UW Medicine has abandoned medical ethics and has become a modern day “gas chamber” — letting people die because they are marked as “unvaccinated and unfit for society.” The principle of “do no harm” has been replaced with “kill off the unvaccinated.” Medical authorities are swiftly taking away informed consent.

UW Medicine is willing to hold people’s lives hostage over a needless vaccine protocol that has nothing to with the patient’s surgery and is contraindicated in most circumstances. The hospital does not deny what they are doing, but their administrators refuse to answer basic questions about their inhumane policy.

Sam Allen is not the only patient who has come forward about this atrocity. Another patient came forward saying he couldn’t get a necessary liver transplant until he complied with the “vaccine mandate.” The hospital refuses to disclose how many patients they have denied organ transplant to. This is the sad and evil state of medicine today. After inhumanely isolating family members from one another and after denying treatments to sick patients for over a year, hospitals systems commit medical malpractice like it is routine business. Dastardly, inhumane hospital policies installed over the past two years have led to genocidal acts and crimes against humanity.

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