STUDY: PhDs are more “vaccine hesitant” than anyone else

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Image: STUDY: PhDs are more “vaccine hesitant” than anyone else

(Natural News) The most educated people in the world are the least likely to get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), a new study has found.

Nearly one in four PhDs, according to researchers from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), is refusing to get injected, which is roughly the same as the number of high school graduates or less who are “hesitant” to get the jab.

The most willing group to get injected are people with Master’s degrees, the study further found, followed by people with Bachelor’s degrees, those with professional qualifications, and finally those with “some college.”

These findings directly contradict the mainstream media narrative that only dumb hicks and Trump supporters are refusing to take Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” abominations.

Based on more than five million responses to a survey that classified people based on demographics and whether or not they would “probably” or “definitely” get the shots, CMU researchers found that those with the most amount of higher education are by far the most “hesitant” when it comes to taking the experimental gene therapy.

The data shows that “the association between hesitancy and education level follows a U-shaped curve with the highest hesitancy among those least and most educated.

“People with a master’s degree had the least hesitancy, and the highest hesitancy was among those holding a Ph.D.,” Unherd further reported about the findings.


The largest decrease in vaccine “hesitancy” occurred among the least educated

Conversely, the quickest demographic to change its mind based on media and government propaganda was those with the least amount of education.

During the first five months of 2021, those with a high school education or less were the most likely to be convinced by all the brainwashing on television and social media to ignore their better senses and roll up their sleeve, even if they had doubts or concerns prior.

PhDs once again were found to be the least likely demographic to change their mind. If they did not want the injection to begin with, chances are that PhDs stuck with that decision up until now.

“So not only are the most educated people most skeptical of taking the Covid vaccine, they are also the least likely the change their minds about it,” Unherd further reported.

To be fair, there are relatively few PhDs throughout society and many more people with minimal education, aka indoctrination. This could play a role in the percentage differences appearing as they do.

On the other hand, perhaps those who made it the furthest they could go up the educational pyramid saw behind the curtain and know that these injections are not what they are being presented as by the powers that be.

Big Tech has also been actively censoring posts and other content that is deemed as possibly encouraging more people not to get the shots. Do PhDs use Facebook as much as blue collar workers, for example, who may be presented with different information about the vaccines?

The issue deserves a deeper dive, but it is food for thought as to what the “elite” really think about these shots compared to what most other people think. Our guess is that the most vaccine hesitant group of all are those at the very top of the pyramid because they know exactly what is in those vials and want nothing to do with it.

“Among the most recalcitrant, commonly cited reasons included not trusting the vaccine and not trusting the government, while less hesitant groups were more inclined to explain they were waiting to see if the vaccine is safe,” reported UPMC.

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