Ivy Avanessian Fua: Los Angeles-area pediatric dentist has stillborn baby 12 weeks after Pfizer “fully vaccinated”

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Image: Ivy Avanessian Fua: Los Angeles-area pediatric dentist has stillborn baby 12 weeks after Pfizer “fully vaccinated”

(Natural News) A California wife, mother and pediatric dentist lost her near full-term baby, as the days of pregnant woman avoiding everything from aspirin to diet soda are long over.

(Article republished from TheCovidBlog.com)

Dr. Ivy Fua received her first dose of experimental Pfizer mRNA on January 31, according to her Instagram account. She was 21 weeks pregnant at the time. Dr. Fua said this was a personal decision because “I believe in science and vaccines.” She said it is her duty to promote the mRNA injections and to be a role model.

The young mother, who is around 33 years old based on her college graduation date, received the second injection on February 18. She said that her happiness was “indescribable” because of her “fully-vaccinated” status at 24 weeks pregnant. Dr. Fua hugged her colleagues that day and encouraged people to “do their research…don’t rely solely on information you see on social media.” A postscriptum in the update reads, “so far I’m feeling fine and I had the Pfizer vaccine.”

Dr. Fua learned that she was having a boy and named him Ara. She was due to give birth at the end of May. Dr. Fua posted an update on May 9, Mother’s Day, reminiscing about the birth of her two-year-old son, SJ. The post ended with “The countdown is on! T [minus] 3 weeks.”

But after several weeks of no updates, particularly after the birth date of Baby Ara, her friends began to worry.

The worse possible news came next.

Spike proteins killed Baby Ara?

Dr. Fua posted a very honest, gut-wrenching update on June 9. She said Baby Ara was “born sleeping” and without a heartbeat on May 12, just three days after her last update. Dr. Fua suffered placental abruption. That means the placenta partially or fully detached from the uterus. Thus the baby was receiving inadequate oxygen and nutrients from the mother. This condition happens in about 1 in 100 births, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

But it is the other condition she speaks of that is tied to known effects of the experimental mRNA injections. Dr. Fua said she needed an emergency C-section because she was in disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC). The nonprofit Sepsis Alliance describes the condition this way:

Disseminated intravascular coagulation, or DIC, is a complicated condition that can occur when someone has severe sepsis or septic shock. Both blood clotting and difficulty with clotting may occur, causing a vicious cycle. Small blood clots can develop throughout your bloodstream, especially in the microscopic blood vessels called capillaries, blocking the blood flow to many parts of your body, including your limbs and your organs.

Former Pfizer executive Dr. Michael Yeadon spoke about the protein Syncytin-1 back in December 2020 when he warned pregnant women not to get the experimental mRNA injections. The protein is essential for placental development and maintenance. He posited that artificial spike proteins would act as anti-Syncytin-1 antibodies. Further, it is now settled science that the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA injections cause blood clots that lead to everything from limb amputations to death.

Dr. Fua posted a Fourth of July update on Instagram. But she has been absent from the social media platform since.

Infertility + spontaneous abortion = Population Control

There were 522 spontaneous abortions reported in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) on June 11. Seven weeks later, and as “vaccine” mandates and coercion increase, the system reported 1,035 spontaneous abortions. That’s a 98% increase in less than two months.

Dr. Sara Beltrán Ponce was the first case of potential mRNA-induced spontaneous abortion that we covered back in February. The Mary Voll story a few weeks later went viral, when her baby was stillborn just a few days after her mRNA injections. Interestingly, in every case we’ve covered, all of the women work in the medical industry. VAERS has 38 reports of stillborn babies as of July 30.

Give Dr. Fua credit. She is at least keeping all this information on her Instagram timeline, versus deleting it. That must be very difficult. But it does a great service for women and families at-large to make informed decisions. Once upon a time (like two years ago), women avoided ingesting anything that could even remotely harm their unborn babies. Now they willy-nilly get these experimental injections due to mandates, coercion or virtue signaling.

What is happening right now is essentially World War III. Those who refuse to voluntarily self-delete will be coerced or forced to self-delete. Most Americans have already chosen their side. Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.

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