CDC caught fabricating Florida covid numbers to push mass hysteria

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Image: CDC caught fabricating Florida covid numbers to push mass hysteria

(Natural News) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is lying once again about the alleged number of new Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “cases” in the state of Florida.

The private corporation posing as a federal agency inflated the Chinese Virus count in the Sunshine State by at least 50 percent, reports indicate, and was later forced to “adjust” its figures following outcry from Florida’s state health department.

After the Florida Department of Health (FDH) took to Twitter to protest the CDC’s made-up figures, the CDC announced that it “was working” with the FDH to come up with a more accurate number.

“Wrong again,” the FDH tweeted about the CDC’s official covid numbers. “The number of cases @CDCgov released for Florida today is incorrect. They combined MULTIPLE days into one. We anticipate CDC will correct the record.”

Before the error was detected, the South Florida Sun Sentinel reported the fake figures, claiming that there had been 28,317 new “cases” of Chinese Germs in Florida on a single Sunday. As it turns out, this number was pulled out of the CDC’s behind to push the latest plandemic agenda.

“On Tuesday, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the state has surpassed 20,000 for its 7-day average of new cases, a day after the federal agency misreported numbers given by the Florida Department of Health by combining data from the last three days into two,” Fox News reported.

DeSantis says public school officials who defy his mask mandate ban will lose salaries

The CDC clearly opposes Florida’s “open for business” policies, which prohibit mask mandates, vaccine passports, and other forms of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) medical fascism. As a result, the CDC is trying to fudge the numbers to create mass hysteria.


It might work were it not for the diligent work of FDH and other groups that continue to set the record straight every time the CDC lies about the situation in Florida.

Gov. Ron DeSantis has been a hard-hitter when it comes to swatting down federal efforts to keep Florida locked down and masked unless everyone there gets “fully vaccinated” for the Fauci Flu.

The situation is becoming so inflamed that DeSantis has warned that any public school teachers who attempt to defy his mask mandate ban will have their salaries withheld until they agree to follow the law and honor medical freedom.

In a statement, DeSantis threatened to cut off funding in Broward County, where a proposed mask mandate would have defied his executive order prohibiting such a thing from being forced on students.

“With respect to enforcing any financial consequences for noncompliance of state law regarding these rules and ultimately the rights of parents to make decisions about their children’s education and health care decisions, it would be the goal of the State Board of Education to narrowly tailor any financial consequences to the offense committed,” the governor’s statement reads.

“For example, the State Board of Education could move to withhold the salary of the district superintendent or school board members, as a narrowly tailored means to address the decision-makers who led to the violation of law.”

If only more governors would follow DeSantis’ lead, me might see an end to all this nonsense once and for all. Any takers?

“The only people still listening to the CDC these days are the types of people who wear masks in their own car … while they are alone,” wrote one commenter at Zero Hedge about the insanity of it all.

“You can see the streets / parks filled with ‘sheep droppings’ (used masks),” joked another.

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