Senate Democrats ram through massive $3.5 TRILLION spending package

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Image: Senate Democrats ram through massive $3.5 TRILLION spending package

(Natural News) The US Senate rammed through a massive spending package overnight to the tune of $3.5 trillion. The plan, containing provisions for President Joe Biden’s progressive pet projects, passed with a 50-49 vote along party lines.

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Tuesday night into Wednesday saw a “vote-a-rama” on the Senate floor where Senators could propose non-binding amendments to the giant spending bill. Almost 50 amendments were voted on during this period, according to Reuters.

It was on Tuesday that the Senate went for a $1 trillion spending bill, which had some bipartisan support, with a 69-30 vote. These funds were to be used for basic, if pricey, infrastructure, with set-asides for roads, bridges, airports, and waterways. The House wanted more cash in that bill, and so the future remains uncertain.

But after the $1 trillion bill passed, Democrats in Senate took up a resolution, knowing it had no Republican support, and pushed it through. This mega-trillion dollar spending legislation contains funding for all of the “soft-infrastructure” costs that the Biden administration has said are so essential for Americans. Universal preschool, housing, and sustainable energy plans inspired by climate alarmism.

The Democrats don’t need Republican support in order to spend all of this money on things the GOP is not in favor of, instead they can use “budget reconciliation,” wherein they only need a majority approval to get the funding through.

The reconciliation bill includes specific amounts to be doled out under the proviso of senate committees. $135 billion for the Agriculture Committee; $332 billion for the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs; $83 billion for Commerce, Science and Technology; $198 billion for the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources; $67 billion for the Committee on Environment and Public Works; $726 billion for the Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions; $1 billion to the Committee on Finance; $37 billion to the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs; $107 billion to the Committee on the Judiciary; $20.5 billion to the Committee on Indian Affairs; $25 billion to the Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship; and $18 billion to the Committee on Veterans Affairs.

Non-binding amendments during the vote-a-rama that passed included preventing tax increases on Americans earning less than $400,000 per year, and barring the state from paying for abortions.

And with that, the Senate adjourned until Friday, August 13, at 9 am.

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