People who get fired for refusing covid “vaccines” can be denied unemployment benefits, media says

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Image: People who get fired for refusing covid “vaccines” can be denied unemployment benefits, media says

(Natural News) As increasingly more multinational corporations based in the United States demand that their workers get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) in order to keep their jobs, many are now wondering: Does getting fired for non-compliance with Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” scheme disqualify a person from receiving unemployment benefits? According to the mainstream media, the answer is yes.

A WUSA9 report claims that employees of Disney, Walmart, Tyson and other behemoth companies who get terminated for refusing to take a Fauci Flu shot will not be eligible to receive unemployment benefits because a handful of lawyers have decided that worker protection laws no longer apply to the non-injected.

According to Diane Seltzer from The Seltzer Law Firm and John T. Harrington from The Employment Law Group, Chinese Virus injection mandates at the corporate level are a form of “company policy” that warrant an employee being fired for refusing to obey.

“In most areas of the United States, if you are fired for breaking a company policy, you are not eligible for unemployment benefits and payments,” the report claims.

Comparing Wuhan Flu shot mandates to a company dress code, Harrington says that refusing to roll up one’s sleeve is a form of “insubordination” and “misconduct” that “would likely disqualify you from receiving unemployment benefits.”

“Even something as simple as a dress code that says you have to wear a tie, and that’s the company’s policy, and you say, ‘I don’t believe in wearing a tie, so I’m not going to do it.’ That’s insubordination,” Harrington alleges.


Fired for not getting a covid vaccine? SUE!

This is, of course, just Harrington’s opinion and an expression of his obvious bias in favor of Chinese Virus injections. For every Harrington that exists out there, chances are there are at least two or three non-Harringtons who would argue otherwise.

One’s injection status is a private matter, regardless of whether or not the injections in question have full approval or just “emergency use authorization” (EUA). Nobody, employer or otherwise, has a constitutional right to deny an individual the right to work because they refuse to be penetrated with a chemical needle from Big Pharma.

It would appear as though the Harringtons of the world and their media accomplices want to scare Americans into believing that there are no legal protections in place to protect against this type of medical fascism. The truth is, there are protections in place if people are willing to exercise them.

What every freedom-loving American needs to be doing right now is seeking out a constitutional lawyer or law group that understands informed consent and the right to choose when it comes to medical interventions, especially ones that pose extreme health risks.

American workers also have the right to file for unemployment regardless of what Harrington says. Seltzer acknowledged this, at least, noting that terminated employees can still fill out the form and apply and argue their case – but she still claims that it is “gross misconduct” to refuse a Chinese Virus injection.

Another thing to keep in mind are the exemptions, which depending on the state in which you live can encompass personal, philosophical, religious, and/or medical objections to forced vaccination with experimental, DNA-modifying chemicals.

Americans who would rather not permanently destroy their immune systems and change their God-given DNA can apply for an exemption and exercise it, exempting them from ever having to take any shot as a condition of employment. Everyone with access to these exemptions will probably want to take advantage of them right away.

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