Australia government threatens its own citizens: No freedom until you comply with vaccine shot quotas

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Image: Australia government threatens its own citizens: No freedom until you comply with vaccine shot quotas

(Natural News) Western liberals continue to prove that they are no different than first, second or third-world dictators and tyrants as they continue to politicize the COVID-19 pandemic to seize power.

In the U.S., one Democrat-run city after another has begun to issue mandates that citizens must prove they have had the vaccine or they aren’t going to be allowed to fully participate in society, like some kind of vaccine ‘caste system’ of privileged vaxxers versus an unprivileged underclass of second-class citizens who must stay hidden and out of the mainstream.

The federal government is doing the same thing. The king of the regime, Joe Biden, has mandated that all federal employees must get the vaccine or be forced to take an uncomfortable COVID test every single week if they want to keep their jobs.

In Europe, new lockdowns are causing massive protests and rioting in countries like the UK, France, Italy and Germany.

And in Australia, the government is actually using the military to enforce more mandatory lockdowns as the ‘Delta variant’ of COVID-19 begins to spread (though it’s not at all as deadly as the original strain and the vast majority of infected people are only experiencing mild symptoms).

But it’s worse than that in the land Down Under: Now the government is requiring a minimum number of vaccinated in order for the entire citizenry to be ‘given’ their rights back — proving the wisdom of America’s founders who wrote a Constitution observing and protecting inalienable rights that can neither be given nor taken away by government.


Reuters reports:

Australian authorities said they could ease a COVID-19 lockdown that demands Sydney’s five million people stay home until the end of August if half the population is vaccinated, even as new infections linger near a 16-month high. …

While the state on Tuesday reported another 199 locally acquired COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours – near a 16-month high of 239 infections recorded in one day last week – Premier Gladys Berejiklian said curbs could be eased if six million people in New South Wales are vaccinated by the time the lockdown is due to end.

“Six million jabs is roughly half the population with at least one or two doses,” Berejiklian told reporters in Sydney last week. “That gives us additional options as to what life looks like on 29 August.”

This is tyranny, straight up. Rights are rights, and they are not dependent on whether or not there is a pandemic sweeping the country, whether there is a meteor shower underway, or whether Earth is being attacked by little green men from two galaxies away.

That’s what “inalienable” means in the American Constitution, anyway. And while Western governments are fashioned on American-style liberties, they are not the same governments, by any stretch, as Australia is proving.

Plus, Australians have another problem that is very similar to why there is so much vaccine hesitancy in America — misinformation.

“Although Australia has largely kept its COVID-19 numbers relatively low, with just over 34,500 cases and 925 deaths, its national vaccination rollout has hit several roadblocks due to changing medical advice on AstraZeneca (AZN.L) doses over blood clot concerns and supply constraints for Pfizer (PFE.N) inoculation,” Reuters added.

Meanwhile, the outbreak in Australia has been very mild overall anyway; only about 35,000 cases as of this writing and under 1,000 deaths. But it doesn’t matter because the western leftists running that country are the same as other leftists throughout the West, authoritarians who don’t give a rip about ‘science.’ And it doesn’t matter what the lockdowns will do to ordinary Aussies, even as their elitist government rulers live large and are taken care of.

“The lockdown of Sydney is expected to see the Australian economy shrink in the current quarter, and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has warned the length of the stay-at-home orders will determine whether a recession can be avoided,” Reuters added.

The West is being overrun with tyrants who have been waiting for the political opportunity COVID gave them.

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