Self defense and preparedness expert John Moore warns about the depopulation agenda and future cataclysmic events

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Image: Self defense and preparedness expert John Moore warns about the depopulation agenda and future cataclysmic events

(Natural News) Self-defense and preparedness expert, John Moore, recently appeared on Brighteon Conversations to talk about the deception of vaccine mandates and the depopulation schemes being rolled out in the name of public health. John Moore is a homicide detective, author, international speaker, and talk show host at

He warns everyone to avoid the spike protein injections, as they attenuate human immune cells, weakening human immunity while causing cardiovascular damage and blood clots. He says people should be prepared to face medical tyranny, even if it means making financial sacrifices. Now is the time to become as financially independent as possible to withstand upcoming vaccine mandates at the employer and corporate level. He said individuals should reject any job that forces the shots as a requirement to employment because life, liberty and health are more important than a job.

Government attacking human rights in bid to force deadly spike protein experiments into people

The government doesn’t care about anyone’s health and will be willing to starve populations and withhold medical treatment from people who don’t comply, which is currently being witnessed. The Department of Justice even ruled against human rights and said the federal government can mandate the new covid-19 vaccines, indefinitely and without human consent. The Biden regime ruled that all federal employees and contractors will be required to take the shots, in violation of medical privacy, medical ethics and informed consent.

Mr. Moore warns everyone to hold their ground and prepare to lose income if need be. “Getting the shot means death,” and that cannot be undone, he says. Giving up one’s own human rights, conscience and beliefs in the face of intimidation and abuse is the death of the soul. Mr. Moore said the government is lying about unvaccinated people dying. He receives reports that “fully vaccinated” people are the majority of the ones seeking medical treatment as the spike proteins cause further inflammation, cardiovascular damage and attenuation of their immune system.


Mr. Moore talks about the treatments and nutraceuticals that work against respiratory infections like covid and influenza, and about the harms caused by mask mandates, especially the negative health effects of starving children of oxygen. (Related: NUREMBERG 2.0: Biden’s corrupt DOJ just declared experimental vaccine mandates LEGAL… forced experimental injections will now commence.)

The Navy map and the coming changes to world topography

In his conversation with Mike Adams, he also shared Navy intel on future astronomical events, gravitational shifts, the shifting of the crest, and equator changes that will destabilize entire regions of the world, leading to floods, earthquakes, day-long extreme wind events, and the establishment of new coastlines. He warns that these seismic world changes will be concealed until the last minute to maximize the total amount of carnage to the world population.

According to the Navy veteran’s intel, worldwide flooding events will become apparent after a month of polar changes that shift the equator lines. “Once the Earth changes really kick in, people will go bonkers crazy,” Moore said. “Everything east of the blue ridge parkways which is typically 80-100 miles from the Atlantic Ocean, will be underwater.”

“Everything 300 feet and lower will be underwater. I recommend people get at least 600 feet above sea level. Mr. Moore worked with Navy veterans to recreate the Navy map, which gives a general representation of what will be underwater and what will be above water once the seismic changes take place. Coincidentally, all the FEMA camps in America are located on the Navy map, in locations well above the projected sea level rise.

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