Texas Dems demand that all Americans be made to take COVID-19 vaccine as party exploits pandemic for tyrannical power play

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Image: Texas Dems demand that all Americans be made to take COVID-19 vaccine as party exploits pandemic for tyrannical power play

(Natural News) The Democrat Party is becoming more desperate by the day, as ongoing election audits are soon going to reveal, plainly, the fact that they, along with their  deep state allies, stole the 2020 election from President Donald Trump.

And they know once that election theft is revealed, they may lose power for a generation. So they’re taking every opportunity to tighten their grip on society and force their way into every aspect of our lives, including when it comes to our health, and like they did last election cycle, they’re using the COVID pandemic as justification for their tyranny.

The group of Texas Democrats who fled their state like cowards to deny majority Republicans a quorum so they could pass a voter integrity law that would prevent future election theft are now demanding that all Americans be made to take a COVID vaccine as the Delta variant sickens people (but isn’t killing them).

Breitbart News has more:

Democrat lawmakers in Texas are promoting the idea of vaccine mandates as public health officials continue to beg Americans to get vaccinated, seemingly dismissing the concerns of millions of Americans who have chosen not to receive the jab for personal reasons and concerns.

On Monday, Rep. Donna Howard (D), one of the Texas state lawmakers who fled to D.C. with dozens of her Democrat colleagues to protest Republican efforts to pursue election integrity legislation, quoted part of a lengthy thread from Bob Wachter, chair of the UCSF Department of Medicine.

“Last tweet of thread,” Howard wrote before quoting Wachter.


“‘Along w/ renewed restrictions it’s clear gentle persuasion did not achieve vax rate we need to defeat Covid. Yes the politics are hard but dying is worse as is re-tanking the economy. It’s time for vaccine mandates–nothing else gets us where we need to go,’” she quoted.

State Rep. Vikki Goodwin also retweeted the authoritarian demand.

Lost in all of this craziness, of course, are sane arguments that used to apply with other viruses — namely, that vaccinated people are supposed to have an immunity to said virus so it doesn’t matter if they’re around unvaccinated people; and people who have had the virus have also built up a natural immunity and therefore are not in any pressing need for a jab.

Democrats politicized the pandemic to implement ballot-stealing changes to voting rules ahead of the November election, and now they’re politicizing the virus again for political control.

“Notably, Howard is one of the fully vaccinated Texas ‘fleebaggers’ who tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus after fleeing the Lone Star State alongside her maskless colleagues,” Breitbart adds. “While she claims the irony is not lost on her, she is now calling for a universal mask mandate.”

And on and on and on.

She tweeted: “We need to follow the science here. Texas needs to change course and allow for universal mask-wearing to prevent spread of the highly contagious delta variant, esp as children under 12 cannot get vaccinated yet.”

She’s a liar; “the science” indicates — has always indicated — that masks have done little-to-nothing to stop the spread of this virus. What’s more, there is genuine concern among tens of millions of Americans who have been told that the COVID vaccines are the end-all, be-all of protection and yet vaccinated people are continuing to test positive for the disease.

The Texas Democrats aren’t the only ones calling for more vaccine mandates.

“On Monday, California Governor Gavin Newsom put a target squarely on the back of unvaccinated Americans by comparing them to drunk drivers. It’s clear that Newsom and his Democrat colleagues want to make life as hard as possible for the unvaccinated, and this harsh rhetoric is winning over their most radical supporters,” Trending Politics reported. And that came after another Democrat tyrant, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is accused of killing hundreds if not thousands of New York seniors with his idiotic order for nursing homes to accept COVID patients, said, “We have to knock on those doors, and we have to convince people, put them in cars & drive them and get that vaccine in their arm. That is the mission.”

Democrats are tyrants. They are continuing to use the COVID scare as a means of exerting complete control over our country.

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