Most Americans want nothing to do with Biden’s covid vaccine door-to-door “brownshirts”

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Image: Most Americans want nothing to do with Biden’s covid vaccine door-to-door “brownshirts”

(Natural News) A new Rasmussen Reports poll found that at least 53 percent of American voters are not okay with Beijing Biden sending his vaccine “brownshirts” to go door to door looking for new people to inject.

Only 37 percent of American voters say they are okay with China Joe violating their privacy by pushing them to get jabbed for the Fauci Flu at their own homes. The rest recognize that launching a “papers, please” vaccination drive is an unacceptable form of medical fascism.

How Hunter’s dad supposedly received more than 50 percent of the vote in the 2020 election is unclear based on these figures from Rasmussen, which show that most Americans want absolutely nothing to do with Biden or his vaccine harassment scheme.

Because so many Americans are against the plan, the Biden-occupied White House is attempting damage control by claiming that “local leaders” from people’s communities will be the ones going door to door, not “federal agents.”

This makes no sense, of course, as community volunteers would not know how to handle this type of work without training and documents procured to them from, you guessed it: federal agents.

Furthermore, only the government knows which houses have residents in them who are unvaccinated, so this information is also being distributed by federal agents, hence why these people deserve to be called Biden Brownshirts.

The Rasmussen survey was conducted between July 11-12 and included 1,000 “likely” voters.

Barely half of all Democrats support Biden Brownshirts scheme

Even within the Democrat Party, only about 57 percent of leftist voters approve of Biden’s vaccine scheme. Only 37 percent of Democrats say they support the plan, which just goes to show that the Resident-in-Chief is not as popular as the fraudulent 2020 election results suggest.


Hilariously, Biden has mumbled through at least a few speeches now in which he suggested that the scheme is just a neighborly effort to help one another. Somehow it has nothing to do with any nefarious government or Big Pharma agenda, but is just a benign act of love thy neighbor.

“It’s just neighbor helping neighbor! Knock-knock. Hey, maybe you don’t know how easy it is to get vaccinated and that it’s free!? Yeah, right,” jokes John Nolte, writing for Breitbart News.

“Who doesn’t know that by now? Somewhere on a forgotten Pacific island sits a 102-year-old Japanese soldier who doesn’t know the war’s over but knows he can drop in at his local CVS for a free shot.”

The whole thing is ridiculous, in other words, and almost nobody is buying it – except maybe the people who were already injected and whose brains have since turned to mush due to spike protein poisoning.

What Biden is really doing is trying to intimidate the vaccine “hesitant” into letting down their guard and getting the damn thing so the government can try to enforce a vaccine “passport” scheme, which appears to be the next line item on the new world order agenda.

“This is not only naked intimidation on Biden’s part, and an invasion of privacy, it is also a sure-fire way to alert everyone watching to who the evil and selfish unvaccinated families are in the neighborhood, who the ignorant Trumptards are, who deserves to be given the side-eye, and who to exclude and disdain,” Nolte adds.

“How long before Antifa takes a road trip to your front door? How long before your kids are beaten up at school, and your whole family is herded into a solar-powered cattle car headed for Wokeschwitz?”

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