Bush Foundation calls on U.S. to stop demonizing China after receiving millions of dollars in donations from communist China-linked org

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Image: Bush Foundation calls on U.S. to stop demonizing China after receiving millions of dollars in donations from communist China-linked org

(Natural News) Twenty years ago, if someone were to suggest that the Communist Chinese Party would wield outsized influence in America, most foreign policy and national security experts would have laughed you out of the room.

But at it turns out, whoever predicted back then that Beijing would rise to become a dominant player in U.S. domestic and foreign policy would have been correct; in 2021, China has more influence in our culture, our business world, and in our government than any other nation has ever had. And it’s all because China knows that our own leaders have turned our capitalist society into a crony capitalist society, where — for the right amount of money — they (and the institutions they control) can be bought.

In a stunning report, The National Pulse revealed in recent days that the president of the George H.W. Bush Foundation, which has received millions of dollars from a propaganda organization linked to the ChiComs, appeared on a Chinese state media broadcast to sing the praises of the regime and also compliment Beijing for its “good governance.”

The outlet adds:

The June 24th segment (full clip below) on the state-run broadcaster China Global Television Network (CGTN) followed an Axios report revealing that the George H.W. Bush Foundation for U.S.-China Relations agreed to accept $1 million per year from 2019 to 2023 from the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF).

CUSEF functions as part of the Chinese Communist Party’s “United Front” – a billion-dollar, military-linked effort that seeks to “co-opt and neutralize sources of potential opposition to the policies and authority” of the Chinese government.

“The United Front strategy uses a range of methods to influence overseas Chinese communities, foreign governments, and other actors to take actions or adopt positions supportive of Beijing’s preferred policies,” a U.S. government report noted in 2018.

The report goes on to say that China’s government organizations literally spread pro-regime propaganda around the world and especially in the United States.

“The CCP’s United Front Work Department (UFWD) — the agency responsible for coordinating these kinds of influence operations — mostly focuses on the management of potential opposition groups inside China, but it also has an important foreign influence mission,” it adds.

Moreover, these Chinese front groups seek to work specifically through American organizations like the Bush Foundation.

“It is precisely the nature of United Front work to seek influence through connections that are difficult to publicly prove and to gain influence that is interwoven with sensitive issues such as ethnic, political, and national identity, making those who seek to identify the negative effects of such influence vulnerable to accusations of prejudice,” the government report adds.

Enter David Firestein, the Bush China Foundation’s President and CEO; he is among the latest example of how China is buying access and influence in the U.S. by working with and through existing organizations.

His CGTN appearance followed an interview Firestein did with China’s official propaganda organization, the Global Times, in which he attacked then-President Donald Trump, the one chief executive who has been the toughest on China.

“The article was compiled by Global Times reporter Yu Jincui based on an interview with David Firestein, president and CEO of the George H. W. Bush Foundation for US-China Relations,” say the credits at the end of the piece.

“Demonizing China is kind of the new national pastime in the United States of America. There’s no question about it,” Firestein began in the CGTN interview.

“There is no question that there is a huge amount of negativity toward China. As I’ve often said, if, to use a metaphor, if China were helping an elderly grandma across the street, to cross the street safely, many in America would find fault in that. No matter what China does, it’s wrong in the eyes of many, many Americans,” he added.

In a different day and age, this guy would be charged with treason and sentenced to death.

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