There’s ZERO SCIENCE to justify mandatory heart-inflaming Covid vaccines for healthy, high-fitness military members

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Image: There’s ZERO SCIENCE to justify mandatory heart-inflaming Covid vaccines for healthy, high-fitness military members

(Natural News) If the common cold was spreading quickly across the United States, and healthy people who caught it only got minor symptoms, like sore throat, swollen glands, some sniffles and a headache, should all of those healthy folks be forced to get a dangerous vaccination for it that hasn’t even been proven to work? It just doesn’t make sense, and that’s why military members are up in arms (pun intended) about the upcoming forced-vaccination of blood-clotting, heart inflaming Covid-19 vaccines.

These well-fit, healthy military members have about a zero chance of suffering any severe complications from the China virus, or even catching it to begin with, but they have almost a 100 percent chance of suffering life-threatening heart inflammation, also known as myocarditis, from the toxic Covid-19 mRNA “gene-therapy” jabs. That’s according to science-based evidence and clinical trials. Here in the natural health community of America, we’re not surprised.

Covid-19 blood-clotting, heart-inflaming “death” jabs to become MANDATORY for US military beginning in September, according to Army Times news source

Here comes the first wave of mandatory toxic jabs for our military. Will they give them to all the Trump supporters first (only)? Is this part of the “cleansing” before Communist China moves in for the kill? The Department of the Army Headquarters just directed command centers to prepare to stick needles in soldier’s arms as early as September, as published in a recent update in the Army Times news (HQDA EXORD 225-21, COVID-19 Steady State Operations).


This is a directive that mandates China Flu vaccines for service members, and commands will be required to produce a service member vaccination status, including schedule for “complete” vaccination, for every soldier. This comes right on the heels of the clinical study and research, just recently completed and published in JAMA, that revealed 100 percent of military members given the mRNA Covid-19 vaccine experienced acute onset of marked chest pain with significantly elevated cardiac troponin levels.

This constituted a clinical diagnosis of myocarditis for ALL 22 healthy soldiers within four days of Covid inoculation, and in the absence of any other identifiable causes, per the study. Talk about waving red flags. This is off-the-charts dangerous and for no science-based, evidence-based reason whatsoever.

Why would the CDC and FDA want to endanger the lives of US soldiers with mandatory toxic vaccines for a virus that healthy soldiers beat like the common cold?

Now that we know that there is no science to justify mandatory Covid vaccination of the military, we must question WHY these blood-clotting, heart-inflaming jabs are being forced on healthy soldiers. Who’s really in charge of the US military and their health, the CCP? Do all the vaccine makers, Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and J&J, have a place at the decision-making table at the Pentagon? Are they just trying to make the US military weak, or kill off anyone they suspect won’t let Communist Chinese invade in full force?

Who’s next to be force-vaccinated with these China Flu death jabs in America, all the Sheriffs who help protect our second Amendment rights? What about the jet pilots and the submarine commanders?

There’s a biological war going on, and the weapons of mass destruction are the Covid jabs that cause blood clots and heart inflammation. Even if you got the jabs but aren’t experiencing these “symptoms” and “adverse events,” who’s to say there’s not still damage going on inside your blood vessels from life-threatening pathogen proteins?

Covid-19 vaccines are not safe or effective; they’re unsafe and defective. Visit if you already got a toxic Covid jab or two and you are experiencing side effects, blood clots or other adverse events. Then tune your internet frequency to for updates on these crimes against humanity being delivered under the guise of inoculation.

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