Joe Biden is making it seem like neither he nor his son are owned by Beijing’s ChiComs with head-fake “investment ban” on Chinese firms

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Image: Joe Biden is making it seem like neither he nor his son are owned by Beijing’s ChiComs with head-fake “investment ban” on Chinese firms

(Natural News) Tens of millions of Americans who saw plenty of evidence before the 2020 election know that ‘China Joe’ Biden and son Hunter Biden are coopted and co-owned by China.

Hunter got into business deals with Chinese firms, none of which are allowed to do business without the approval of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), in the years when daddy was still Barack Obama’s vice president.

Investigative author Peter Schweizer explained this connection during a Breitbart News Tonight interview on SiriusXM radio in 2018.

“In December of 2013, Vice President Joe Biden flies to Asia for a trip, and the centerpiece for that trip is a visit to Beijing, China. To put this into context, in 2013, the Chinese have just exerted air rights over the South Pacific, the South China Sea,” he said.

“They basically have said, ‘If you want to fly in this area, you have to get Chinese approval. We are claiming sovereignty over this territory.’ Highly controversial in Japan, in the Philippines, and in other countries,” Schweizer continued. “Joe Biden is supposed to be going there to confront the Chinese. Well, he gets widely criticized on that trip for going soft on China. So basically, not challenging them, and Japan and other countries are quite upset about this.”

Breitbart noted that “Hunter Biden inked a $1.5 dollar deal with a subsidiary of the state-owned Bank of China only ten days after he visited the country with his father aboard Air Force Two” that same year.

So yes, the Bidens, but especially now-President Biden, are beholden to China, which makes his recent order banning investment in Chinese firms a joke.


The National Pulse reported:

President Joe Biden banned investment in nearly 60 firms due to close ties to the Chinese Communist Party military operations and human rights abuses. Among the companies included in the ban are entities that have enjoyed millions of dollars in investment from Hunter Biden and Bill Gates…

The ban “solidifies and strengthens” an executive order issued by former President Donald Trump, who regularly confronted China during his tenure — on trade, and militarily — that restricted investments in securities that associate with the People’s Liberation Army and that produce technology making it easier for the CCP to oppress and brutalize the Uyghurs in Xinjiang, the outlet continued.

Interestingly, the order applies to some of the very same companies Hunter Biden invested in or otherwise did business with, the National Pulse added.

“A private equity firm led by Hunter – who’s inked several deals with Chinese military-linked entities excluded from the ban – counts multi-million dollar investments in a firm included on the list: China General Nuclear (CGN) Power Corporation,” the outlet reported, adding that Gates, founder of the Microsoft Corp., has also worked with another firm mentioned in Biden’s order, the China National Nuclear Corporation.

BHR Partners, a private equity company where Hunter Biden had served as director since 2013, made a $10 million investment in CGN’s initial public offering, which was launched in 2014. The IPO became the second-largest one of that year and was valued at more than $3 billion.

CGN, an energy firm owned completely by the Chinese government, has since had one of its consultants convicted by the Justice Department for schemes aimed at securing “U.S.-based nuclear engineers to assist with designing and manufacturing certain components for nuclear reactors” for almost 20 years.

Meanwhile, Terrapower, a nuclear energy research firm founded and chaired by Gates, does work with the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC).

But it’s the Biden connections that make this order pointless.

“Joe Biden and his family’s financial ties to China, recently exposed by emails found on a laptop belonging to his son, Hunter Biden, present a national security risk for America should he be elected president,” Breitbart News pointed out in October, just a few weeks before the stolen November election.

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