Remember when Biden bragged to David Letterman about breaching the Capitol during personal insurrection?

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Image: Remember when Biden bragged to David Letterman about breaching the Capitol during personal insurrection?

(Natural News) It appears as though the “rioters” who “invaded” the United States Capitol on Jan. 6 and took a few photos had inspiration from none other than China Joe himself, who back in 2007 bragged to late-night talk show host David Letterman that he was arrested for breaching the Senate Chamber.

At the ripe young age of 21, Biden, who was “visiting with some friends at Georgetown University,” decided to walk right up to the Capitol building and enter it without permission.

“It was a Saturday,” Biden recalled.

“I was down visiting with some friends and, uh, I came up on a Saturday morning because I was fascinated with the Senate, and they had a Saturday session, and I walked up those days, no guards stopping you everywhere, and they had just gotten out of session.”

Biden went on to explain that he walked in the back of the building and “all of a sudden” found himself inside the Senate Chamber and “was stunned.”

“I walked up, sat down in the presiding officer’s seat, and the guy grabbed me by the shoulder and said, ‘You’re under arrest!'” Biden told Letterman, to raucous laughter from the audience (watch below).

Back when Beijing Biden engaged in a Capitol siege, it was all fun and games. Everybody laughed, including Letterman, because when Democrats and CNN commit insurrection it is all in good fun. When alleged “Trump supporters” do it, however, it is the worst crime imaginable.

Will Creepy Joe now go to Gitmo for his insurrectionist crime?

Many Twitter users were outraged after watching the clip, recognizing that there is one set of rules for Democrats and another for Republicans.

One of them noted that Chairman Xiden, then an aspiring senator, actually sat down in the “presiding officer’s seat” just like the “insurrectionists” did on Jan. 6. Why was Biden not treated like a domestic terrorist the same way “Trump supporters” now are?


“Not just trespassing, but sitting in the ‘presiding officer’s seat,’ like he was a role model for the doofuses on Jan. 6,” one user wrote.

Another questioned whether or not the alleged incident even happened, seeing as how Dementia Joe has “a habit of stretching the truth.”

“I think his punishment should be the model for those who did the same in January,” wrote another, adding that “if he was just escorted out well then I guess we are done.”

Like another Twitter user pointed out, this writer agrees that the Biden who appeared on Letterman that day looks a whole lot different than the Biden of today, aging and other factors considered. It is almost as if the Biden who is “president” today is a different person entirely.

“He looks and talks like a completely different person now,” said user wrote.

Commenters at Populist Press made some interesting observations of their own. One asked why Biden was not imprisoned for at least 10 years, fired from his job, and “doxed” for his crime against the sacred Capitol building.

“I don’t believe one word that comes out of that old gasbag’s mouth,” one wrote. “He lies about everything, he thinks he’s some rugged outlaw that always gets arrested, like the time he lied about getting arrested in South Africa trying to save Nelson Mandela.”

“This POS has and always will be a fraud,” this same commenter added. “I don’t recognize America any longer. It’s a real shame that over the past 20 years parents have been asleep at the wheel, including me and I regret that very much. The schools have been indoctrinating kids to hate themselves and hate America.”

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