Why are vaccine makers snubbing Trump and cozying up to Biden?

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Image: Why are vaccine makers snubbing Trump and cozying up to Biden?

(Natural News) Even after securing lucrative, historic “warp speed” contracts under President Trump, Pfizer held off on their big vaccine announcement until after the 2o2o election. When the media declared Biden the winner, Pfizer felt free to release their study results, invigorating the stock market. The vaccine maker is blatantly playing politics with its scientific studies, using them as leverage to control politicians and public perception.

Now Pfizer has been caught briefing Joe Biden on the results of their latest Phase 3 vaccine trial, while snubbing the current President. In an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Joe Biden’s Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, said the Joe Biden team is scheduled to meet with Pfizer and other vaccine makers.

“We’re going to have meetings between our top scientific advisers and the officials of these drug companies, not just Pfizer but there are other promising vaccines as well. We’re going to start those consultations this week,” Klain said.

Biden, Cuomo and other Democrat tyrants working toward forced vaccines

Biden has prematurely celebrated victory in the 2020 election and has assembled a team to cozy up to Big Pharma to initiate upcoming vaccine mandates. Biden’s advisors are now meeting with Pfizer and other drug makers to come up with a “distribution plan” for these unethical vaccine experiments. This distribution plan assumes that every American is a lab rat, with no self-decision, no medical privacy, no body autonomy, and no personal beliefs. Government officials continue to merge with vaccine companies to deliver the full force of fascist medical experiments. These coercive vaccine distribution plans are in violation of international treaties such as the Nuremberg Code and the American Medical Association’s code of ethics. Government officials and vaccine makers do not own your body, not matter how abusive they get.


New York Governor Cuomo has already rejected Trump’s voluntary vaccine plan in favor of a more “equitable distribution plan” that seeks to inoculate people by group title or demographic. Sociopath government officials like Cuomo are labeling people by demographic and lumping them into target groups, as if individual rights are now null and void. This arrogant assumption of vaccine compliance could ultimately backfire, as the people rise up and take back their individual dignity. (Related: Pfizer withheld vaccine announcement until after the election because they need Biden to make their product mandatory.)

Why are vaccine makers cozying up to Biden?

Even if Joe Biden does manage to ride the coattails of a fraudulent, stolen election, with evidence of communist interference – who does he think he is – strategizing with vaccine companies to forcefully distribute their experimental products?

Under President Trump, the vaccines would be made available, and distribution would vary by state. Trump said the vaccines would be voluntary, as he abides by international treaties that prevent medical experimentation on humans without informed consent.

However, in New York, Cuomo is calling on the federal government to “mobilize an army” to make sure that everyone is vaccinated with this new mRNA technology. If Biden is in charge, then the military would be unleashed onto the streets to make sure that populations comply with the vaccines.

Biden’s Chief of Staff conceded on national television that Biden does not have any formal power at the moment to “tackle the virus,” but Biden’s transition team is looking forward to meeting with Dr. Fauci and other vaccine pushers once the election is certified on Biden’s behalf. Dr. Fauci has much to gain from Moderna’s covid-19 vaccine and is demanding that Americans lose their independent spirit and learn to “follow the rules.”

By not swiftly dealing with communism and fraudulent science early on in 2020, Americans are about to face an authoritarian evil even greater than before, one that seeks complete bodily slavery to the vaccine makers.

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