Pfizer withheld vaccine announcement until after the election because they need Biden to make their product mandatory

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Image: Pfizer withheld vaccine announcement until after the election because they need Biden to make their product mandatory

(Natural News) Vaccine makers use their science paradigm as a weapon, utilizing the bought-off media to their advantage. Vaccine makers use their study designs to play politics, using public relations campaigns to manipulate the stock market and coerce politicians to promote their products. President Donald Trump has been promoting new coronavirus vaccines all year because many governors around the country (mostly Democrat) have vowed to keep their states locked down and restricted until a vaccine is widely available. Mandatory vaccines have been the name of the game all along, and the vaccine makers know that Donald Trump stands in their way of making this a reality.

Pfizer tries to hurt Trump’s image because they need Joe Biden in order to make their vaccines mandatory

Pfizer intentionally withheld their big coronavirus vaccine announcement until after the 2020 presidential election. If they would have made the announcement before the election, the stock market would have jumped and Donald Trump would have looked great going into the election. But Pfizer and the rest of the vaccine industry needs Joe Biden, so they can make the vaccines mandatory.

At the end of October, Pfizer altered their plans to test their samples, intentionally holding the samples in cold storage and waiting until after the election to test a larger sample. The FDA revealed that Pfizer decided late October to store their lab confirmed cases of COVID-19 to delay the results of their study until after the election. The data could have been readily available in October, which was the original plan.


This maneuver allowed Pfizer to make their big announcement after the election, stabbing the President in the back and embellishing an incomplete vaccine efficacy study that has no real-world application. Under Trump, the federal government has invested tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer money into these emergency vaccine programs, and now the vaccine industry is using their science announcement as a weapon to make the President look bad. This is because Donald Trump wants the new vaccines to be voluntary. Pfizer is seeking to make their products mandatory and would rather delay the rollout of the vaccine until Bill Gates becomes the public health dictator under a Joe Biden administration. Biden has already declared he will follow Bill Gates “guidance” and rejoin his World Health Organization.

Pfizer’s big announcement is an embellished propaganda announcement, anyway

Now, after the media declared Joe Biden the next president, Pfizer is releasing their “promising” vaccine studies. The stock market is surging with the news. The Dow Jones Industrial Average traded 1,100 points higher, or 3.9% and hit an all-time high. At its session high, the 30-stock average was up nearly 5.7%, or more than 1,600 points.

After all is said and done, Pfizer’s big news is embellished propaganda. Their study is nothing more than an efficacy study, with incomplete results. The vaccinated participants were not equally exposed to a real-world infection as those given placebo. The study does not compare the length of immunity between those who got the real-world infection and those who got the vaccine. The vaccine is not being compared to any other immune enhancing protocol, either. The study design also relied on questionable diagnostics to compare infection rates. The efficacy is based on a lie from the start.

This study is not an observation on the actual effectiveness of the vaccine, either. That observation can only be carried out in real time on populations of people. Populations will ultimately be used as guinea pigs to see if this vaccine actually prevents an infection over time.  Even if it does, that effectiveness too can be short-lived, and dependence on the vaccine could become a “new normal” for those who believe in vaccinations.

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