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Image: Yelp now helping Antifa build lists of “racist” businesses to terrorize

(Natural News) After announcing that it will now be placing “Business Accused of Racist Behavior Alert” buttons on the pages of businesses that may or may not be engaging in “racist behavior,” the crowd-sourced rating service Yelp has quickly transformed into a tool for Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) extremists to create lists of offending stores to terrorize.

This is already happening in Portland where @safePDX, a violent Antifa group responsible for organizing “protests” through Twitter, announced that it will be using Yelp to compile a list of “non-friendly” businesses throughout Portland that are caught “hanging blue lives garbage in their store or anything else that’s anti the BLM movement.”

The now-private Twitter account, which currently has around 6,000 followers, further encouraged radical extremists to “[d]rop them below,” referring to the names of businesses believed to be in opposition to Antifa and BLM terrorism.

Brothers Cannabis Dispensary, Portland’s oldest cannabis dispensary, is one of the businesses already being targeted. According to @safePDX follower Portland Sound Bloc, also known as “Rob” in a Portland Monthly article, the dispensary displays “pro-cop s*** in the windows,” and must now pay a price.

The minority-owned dispensary, which has a majority of minority employees, responded to the accusation with a simple question, illustrating that Portland Sound Bloc has no idea what he is talking about and is gravely mistaken.

“What Pro-cop thing are you talking about?” Brothers Cannabis Dispensary asked. “Are you referring to this portland police alarm permit we are required to display since day one?”

As it turns out, Brothers Cannabis Dispensary, like all other Portland businesses that have an alarm security system, is required to display an annual permit showing that its alarm system is registered with the Portland Police Bureau.

“Please cut this permit between the lines indicated, then tape it in a visible location, preferably near the entrance, for responding officers,” an image of the permit, as posted, reads.

White Antifas in Portland target Middle Eastern falafel restaurant for displaying “Trump 2020” sign

Another business targeted by @safePDX, which appears to be comprised of mostly white far-leftists, was Small Pharaoh’s Falafel. The Middle Eastern-owned food stand apparently displays a “Trump 2020” poster at its location that offended Portland’s white Antifas, which quickly added it to their hitlist.

“We support our Portland Police,” the sign also reads, with other customer-scrawled messages on it that include “Black lives matter. Muslim lives matter. All lives matter.”

Hollywood Beverage and Liquor, Oregon’s oldest liquor store, also met the ire of white Portland Antifas after it was revealed that Dan Miner, the company owner, has an “aircraft-sized Trump flag” in his office.

Miner is very vocal on social media, having in the past posted pictures of himself wearing a Trump-regaled face mask and posting Trump-related content to his various accounts.

“The sole redeeming aspect of the oppressive mandate to wear a mask is the great number of times a day I pull it off and appreciate the smell of freedom,” Miner wrote in one of his posts, which contained a picture of him wearing a mask imprinted with an American-designed skull donned with Trump-style blonde hair.

Upset about these and other posts, a follower of @safePDX told the other followers to “Get your booze elsewhere,” adding the usual leftist trope, “F**k D*nald Tr*mp.”

“Business are going to be coerced into supporting certain groups to avoid being targeted,” warns conservative columnist Rita Panahi about the precedent that Yelp has set with its new “anti-racism” policy. “It’s tantamount to extortion.”

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