TEDx goes anti-woman, will refer to women using a gender fluid label that somehow fights “discrimination”

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Image: TEDx goes anti-woman, will refer to women using a gender fluid label that somehow fights “discrimination”

(Natural News) The deranged Left, showing signs of mass mental illness, are rapidly destroying the English language, pushing organizations to change the spelling of common words in order to promote their perverted idea of “inclusiveness, fairness and equality.”

Conference organization TEDx London has already begun to cater to the left’s demands and will now refer to women as “womxn.” The left wants to remove the “men” out of “women” to highlight the “prejudice” and “discrimination” that the word “women” incites toward women. Radical feminists do not want women to be defined by men and are therefore trying to remove men from everything, even the word “women.”

TEDx endorses the left’s mental illness, distorts the word “women”

TEDx is endorsing the left’s brazen display of mental illness, distorting the word “women” so they will be liked by the leftist “woke” mob. TEDx announced they will hold a TEDxLondonWomxn conference in the fall. On the surface it appears the conference organization might be seizing an opportunity to remove the ‘e’ and replace it with ‘x’, to match their branding. (TEDx). In this way, the organization is using women in a misogynist way to further their agenda. But upon further inquiry, TEDx has reassured the public that their use of the misnomer “womxn” is more inclusive than using the word “women.” This is how they vow to fight against discrimination.

People around the world pushed back against this flagrant distortion of the English language and asked online, what is “womxn?”

The organization responded on September 5th: “Why we’re using ‘womxn’…No, that’s not a typo: ‘womxn’ is a spelling of ‘women’ that’s more inclusive and progressive.” According to TEDx, womxn is a term that “sheds light on the prejudice, discrimination and institutional barriers “womxn” have faced.” They also mentioned that the term explicitly includes “non-cisgender women.”

TEDx have not offered any guidance on how to pronounce the new term; linguistically the distorted word feels less inclusive and makes a mockery of all women. In their delusion to create a “gender fluid” label, TEDx has gone full anti-woman, implying that it is wrong to speak the word “women” or “woman.”

It was hard enough to take TEDx seriously, when, four years ago, they featured Rachel Dolezal, a former white NAACP chapter president who pretended to be black. Many more people will have a hard time taking TEDx seriously as they continue to promote the left’s mental decay, their painstaking virtue signalling, and their rabid abuse of the English language.

How long will it take before the deranged Left takes their latest tactic to college campuses, threatening professors for being “non-inclusive bigots” who discriminate against women for daring to print the word “women” or use the dirty word in their lectures? As the Left tries to shame men and eradicate “men” from the English language, they have inadvertently made “women” a dirty word too. The Left’s war on “men” has become a war on “women” and now their sickness is consuming a mainstream organization, perverting all future conversations that come from the TEDx platform.

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