COVID Derangement Syndrome (CDS) on parade: Mainstream media tells you everyone will die; alternative media tells you NO ONE died… behold the rise of tribal fanaticism

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Image: COVID Derangement Syndrome (CDS) on parade: Mainstream media tells you everyone will die; alternative media tells you NO ONE died… behold the rise of tribal fanaticism

(Natural News) Honest, fact-based reporting on the Wuhan coronavirus and the COVID-19 pandemic is virtually non-existent today. Instead of real news on the subject, we now have a bipolar world where news reporters suffer from Covid Derangement Syndrome (CDS), which results in people descending into camps of tribal fanaticism where logic is abandoned in favor of cognitive obedience and narrative pursuits.

In the mainstream media, Covid Derangement Syndrome causes reporters to claim that the COVID-19 pandemic will kill everyone unless we lock down all of human society to the point of economic strangulation. In the view of mainstream reporters, sacrificing the entirety of human freedom, joy and productivity is worth it as long as one life is “saved” from the coronavirus.

In the alternative media, Covid Derangement Syndrome is inflicting reporters who claim there’s no virus, that no one died from any virus, and that the entire global pandemic has been faked from the start. These CDS sufferers also tend to get extremely emotional when they see someone wearing a mask, even by choice.

Almost every news source on the internet today falls into one of these two camps, with an extremely small number of news publishers navigating the fanaticism and producing reliable, fact-based reporting on the Wuhan coronavirus situation. But those publishers are extremely difficult to find, and most of them are banned from Big Tech’s networks, because Big Tech only allows mainstream media lies (or left-wing narratives) to survive their censorship purge.

Willfully blind

Pulling off tribal fanaticism requires willful blindness to reality. The LGBT movement is really good at this, as they’ve convinced themselves that biology isn’t real and that men can magically become women by merely wishing it so. This is absurd nonsense that contradicts reality, but the LGBT community isn’t alone in such delusions.


The mainstream media operates under the delusion that hydroxychloroquine is an extremely dangerous drug which doesn’t even work as a treatment for COVID-19. In doing so, they willfully participate in a Big Pharma junk science scheme that has already cost tens of thousands of Americans their lives by denying them access to a safe, low-cost drug that has been repeatedly proven to work.

The alternative media has a different delusion: They pretend that 223,000 “excess deaths” have not occurred in America so far this year, instantly dismissing nearly a quarter of a million dead Americans as if they never existed in the first place. When they say, “Nobody died from COVID-19,” and you point out that national death statistics from all causes show that an extra 223,000+ Americans have died this year from something, they reply with something like, “We don’t believe those numbers.”

This is like LGBT advocates saying they don’t believe in genetics. It demonstrates the level of self-delusion that tribal fanaticism can evoke in people who are intensely tied to the emotional pull of their tribe.

How did a non-existent virus kill elderly people in New York nursing homes?

Covid Derangement Syndrome is so bad in the alternative media now that the very same media outlets which are reporting the virus to be a “hoax” that killed no one are simultaneously reporting that NY Gov. Cuomo killed thousands of elderly people by putting them in nursing homes where they got infected and died. If the virus doesn’t exist, how did these people get infected by it? And if COVID-19 is a total hoax, then isn’t Gov. Cuomo completely innocent of such accusations?

Read my list of 12 questions and contradictions that continue to persist in media reporting about the coronavirus. Some of these will really surprise you. For example, why is independent media claiming hydroxychloroquine works to treat COVID-19 when they are simultaneously reporting the entire COVID-19 pandemic to be a complete hoax? What is hydroxy successfully treating if it’s not the virus? (You can’t claim there’s no virus one day, and then the next day claim Big Pharma is covering up a low-cost treatment that beats the very same virus you just argued doesn’t exist.)

Of course, bizarre, irrational contradictions are also found in the mainstream media. MSM reporters — professional liars and propagandists — claim hydroxychloroquine should never be prescribed without “rigorous testing” in long-term clinical trials, but when the FDA says coronavirus vaccines may now skip phase three trials and leap right to “emergency approval” status, the media pundits cheer. Long-term testing, it seems, is only required for medical interventions that don’t earn billions of dollars for the same pharma giants they largely fund mainstream media outlets through drug advertising.

Deaths only count when you want them to?

But the best example of Covid Derangement Syndrome was on display this week when virtually the entire alternative media industry declared that the CDC had “corrected” their numbers down from 155,000+ deaths to just 9,000 covid deaths. That’s not at all what happened, of course: In reality, the CDC released data listing the other chronic health conditions (like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.) which were present in the people who died from the Wuhan coronavirus. This set off a tsunami of fake news across alt media which proclaimed that the only COVID-19 deaths which should be “counted” as real deaths are deaths from perfectly healthy people who had no underlying health conditions whatsoever… even though such individuals hardly exist in America at all.

What’s so noteworthy about this irrational reasoning is that it’s the same excuse Big Pharma and vaccine companies use to explain away the deaths caused by their own toxic products. When prescription drugs kill people, Big Pharma argues that it’s really just the underlying health conditions that killed those people, not the medications. And when coronavirus vaccines start killing people later this year, the vaccine industry will use the exact same argument the independent media has now championed: Namely, that the vaccines aren’t really killing anyone since those people all had underlying health conditions to begin with.

Mainstream media and alt media now completely agree, and they’re both wrong

So now we have complete agreement between the pharma-funded mainstream media and the anti-covid alternative media: They both agree that deaths don’t count unless you want them to, and they are both capable of incredible feats of self-delusion that require ignoring the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

The realization of all this should horrify any thinking person reading this. Because it means that there are virtually no information sources in the world today where you can acquire news or analysis that isn’t produced by someone suffering from Covid Derangement Syndrome on one extreme or the other.

There are a few sources I’m aware of that have a respectable track record in the analysis of COVID-related events, and both of these sources have strong backgrounds in the sciences. One is Dr. Paul Cottrell, whom I’ve interviewed numerous times on (see the latest interview below), and the other is Chris Martenson from Peak Prosperity. You might also put Dr. Judy Mikovitz in this category, as she is highly experienced in the realm of virology and vaccines, and she knows very well that the Wuhan coronavirus is real and has been killing people around the world. (Dr. Mikovitz, in other words, isn’t a virus denier.)

There may be others who offer informed, scientifically-accurate analysis of the COVID situation, but I’m not aware of any at this moment. (Apologies if I’m forgetting anyone who deserves to be named here.)

Almost everyone talking about COVID-19 on the internet, it turns it, is grossly under-qualified to even approach such a subject, which is why their coverage of genetics, PCR testing, virology and epidemiology have real scientists nearly bursting with laughter (or vomiting in disgust).

Earlier today I posted a friendly public warning to Alex Jones, Del Bigtree, Lisa Haven and others who are commenting on the COVID-19 situation, urging them to avoid falling into the vaccine industry trap of claiming deaths don’t count when people have underlying health conditions at the time of death. The vaccine industry, you see, is going to use that argument against all these people (and more), when the vaccine starts killing large numbers of victims in America and around the world.

How is Alex Jones going to argue that “vaccines are killing people” when his own argument all this time has been that deaths don’t count when people have underlying health conditions? And since nearly everyone in America has at least one underlying health condition, he’s just created the perfect excuse for the vaccine industry to disclaim any responsibility for vaccine-induced deaths.

Give this podcast a listen to hear the very important argument I’m laying out here. This isn’t an attack on anyone, but this is a very serious subject, and I’m concerned that many people in the independent / alternative media are being misled into a false argument that’s going to be used against us all once the deadly vaccines are released.

Here’s the latest interview with Dr. Paul Cottrell, which you’ll probably find very informative:

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