FACT CHECK: According to alt media in America, if Antifa shoots you dead, you didn’t actually die from the gunshot if you also had an underlying medical condition like diabetes

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Image: FACT CHECK: According to alt media in America, if Antifa shoots you dead, you didn’t actually die from the gunshot if you also had an underlying medical condition like diabetes

(Natural News) With the CDC releasing comorbidity numbers on COVID-19 deaths, the alt media in America has just declared that no death counts unless it’s the death of a perfectly healthy individual with zero underlying health conditions. People who died from COVID-19 when they also had high blood pressure, claim indy media outlets, didn’t really die from COVID at all.

This is the message from videos, podcasts and articles that span the conservative, independent media which has been hyperventilating over the claimed “CDC bombshell” that revealed COVID-19 deaths occurred among people who also had other underlying health conditions. That shouldn’t be a shock to anyone, as most of the U.S. population walks around with diabetes, heart disease, cancer and high blood pressure every single day. Yet somehow the indy media thinks this is a “bombshell” that reveals, in their view, the “hoax” of the coronavirus and “proof” that no one died from COVID-19.

Some indy media outlets have even gone so far as to claim the CDC has now “updated” their death statistics to show just 9,000 deaths from COVID-19. That’s not true at all. In fact, the only honest way to describe such a mischaracterization of the CDC’s data is to call it, “deliberately dishonest fake news.”

But even the core argument of those publishing such propaganda fails the most basic test of reason. By their logic, if you’re shot and killed by Antifa terrorists on the streets of Portland, you didn’t actually die from the gunshot if you had diabetes. “Comorbidity factors” such as heart disease and high blood pressure nullify the proximal cause of death, say numerous alt media news publishers and pundits, none of whom have anyone on staff who has any credentials in medicine or science, by the way. And that’s why they absurdly conclude this non-story is a “bombshell.”


So if a bomb goes off in a restaurant and kills 100 people, none of those people were actually killed by the bomb if they already had cancer, according to these independent media outlets. That’s what pro-Trump indy media outlets across America are now absurdly arguing, and in doing so they discredit themselves and demonstrate their shocking lack of knowledge about medicine and science.

Almost no one dies in America without several underlying health conditions

Each day in America, around 8,200 people die from all causes. Do you know how many of those 8,200 people have no secondary health conditions at all? Nearly zero.

But according to indy media publishers, none of those (nearly) 8,200 daily deaths should count because the people who died had secondary health conditions.

That makes no sense at all.

Nearly all those who die have multiple diseases or heath conditions at their time of death. For obvious reasons, it’s very rare for perfectly healthy people to die, although it does happen with things like motorcycle accidents or rare fatal heart attacks in extreme athletes, for example. But the numbers are extremely small.

It should also be no surprise that COVID-19 tends to kill people who are less healthy than the rest of the population. That’s not a bombshell: it’s common sense. Infectious diseases have always killed people who were more vulnerable. This is precisely why a biological weapon poses such a danger to the American people: Because Americans are so unhealthy. That makes them vulnerable to infectious diseases that can piggyback on top of already-compromised immune systems and respiratory problems to push a patient over the edge into a fatality.

Even worse, the bad logic now being invoked by these indy media publishers is only selectively cited for COVID-19 only, but not for other infectious diseases. You’ll notice that the very same indy news publishers who claim COVID-19 deaths don’t count when victims had underlying health conditions are more than happy to claim that all flu deaths count, regardless of whether the flu victims also had heart disease or cancer, for example. They don’t dismiss flu deaths merely because the victims suffered from other chronic health conditions.

And when coronavirus vaccines start killing people, you can bet these very same indy media publishers will argue that the vaccines are causing those deaths. They won’t excuse the vaccine merely because most of the people who died also had underlying health conditions.

So as you might suspect, a lot of today’s indy media reporting on COVID-19 deaths is intellectually dishonest. They pick and choose which deaths “count” based on the narrative they want to push, regardless of the truth. There is no consistency in their logic, and deaths only count when they want them to.

That’s not real journalism, is it? It’s just partisan political propaganda being catapulted into the arena of public discourse, even though it’s blatantly false and deliberately misleading.

You don’t get to invent your own fairy tale reality and claim it’s “fact”

As a thought experiment, let’s hold these misguided reporters to their new rules of what constitutes a “death.” The next time patriots are killed by Antifa — which seems to be happening every weekend now — we should expect to see indy media claiming the deaths weren’t really caused by Antifa because the people who were shot had “underlying medical conditions.”

That’s their logic, right? If Antifa lunatics manage to kill Rand Paul — as they seem to be repeatedly trying to do — will a prominent indy media network claim Sen. Paul wasn’t killed by Antifa because he has an underlying medical condition?

You can’t just make up your own fake reality and call it real. Indy media’s “comorbidity” claim about deaths not counting sounds a whole lot like left-wing claims of transgenderism and mermaids. Both are rooted in delusional thinking and make believe fantasy worlds.

In the real world, there are now 223,000+ Americans who are dead because of the Wuhan coronavirus. That’s an irrefutable fact that’s derived from national death statistics covering all causes of death. Yet conservative-leaning indy media outlets have now convinced themselves the true number of deaths is either just 9,000 or zero, depending on which delusional guest they’re interviewing on that particular day. (Many guests claim there is no virus and that no one died from COVID-19, thrusting themselves into the “Flat Earth” category of fake science virology.)

You can’t effectively counter the fake news mainstream media if you’re pushing obviously fake news yourself

The reason all this matters, by the way, is because alt media’s primary goal should be to counter the fake news media’s fabricated lies with authentic truth. But when the alt media is spewing obvious falsehoods because it fits a particular pro-Trump narrative, they shred their own credibility and ultimately prove to be no different than the corporate-run media.

That’s why this is so sad, and it’s why I’m commenting publicly on this. Because what we’re watching with COVID-19 is not merely the deliberate economic destruction of human civilization, but also the willful, ignorant suicide of independent media, which is obliterating its own credibility with each passing day that clueless talking heads are allowed to keep spewing 100% fake science in the name of “truth.”

Surely the people in charge of indy media are interested in the real truth here, right? … right?

Yet in exactly the same way that no prominent Democrat has denounced BLM violence, no prominent alt media personality has dared to question the absurd fake news reporting on the CDC’s numbers. It’s almost as if a cult-like mentality has a relentless grip on the entire industry, and everyone has lost the ability to think for themselves. Over the last several days, all I see are carbon copy talking heads repeating the same mindless scripted talking points, almost as if they’ve been programmed to push propaganda for as long as it takes to truth a falsehood into a “truth.” And isn’t that what we’re supposed to be opposing in this fight?

I cover all this and more in today’s podcast:


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