Coronavirus breaking news: Infected passengers flew Delta and Hawaiian Airlines out of Honolulu

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Image: Coronavirus breaking news: Infected passengers flew Delta and Hawaiian Airlines out of Honolulu

(Natural News) Article summary:

  • 99 more passengers confirmed infected on the Diamond Princess, bringing the total to 454, or 26% of those tested so far.
  • Delta Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines now confirm a couple later diagnosed with coronavirus flew on their airplanes, with flights arriving at / originating from Honolulu.
  • Hundreds of passengers who shared a two-week cruise on board another cruise ship have already returned to their home countries, and now we find that an American woman on the ship has tested positive for coronavirus.

Another 99 people have been confirmed with the covid-19 coronavirus on board the ill-fated Diamond Princess cruise ship docked near Japan, bringing the total number of infections to 454. So far, just 1,723 people on the ship have been testing, meaning the infection rate is 26% among those tested.

What’s notable about this is that 11 days ago, we had calculated an infection rate of 22% based on 61 confirmed cases out of 273 tested, and in response we were of course widely mocked and accused of “fear mongering” for projecting that, “over 800 people” would eventually be infected across the ship.

Now, 11 days later, we are staring at 454 infected people with about half the passengers tested so far. Suddenly the projection of “over 800 people” doesn’t seem very far-fetched, does it?

Then again, everything the mainstream media is reporting today about the coronavirus was previously reported by the independent media 1-2 weeks ago.

In fact, as Paul Joseph Watson points out in this tweet, the UK Daily Mail is reporting today exactly the same thing that Zero Hedge reported last week but got permanently banned by Twitter for daring to publish:

In other words, those of us who report the real news more quickly than the establishment media are labeled “fake news” for being faster and more accurate.

It’s worth noting that we are still permanently banned from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google, Vimeo, Pinterest and every other platform you can imagine, merely for telling the truth more accurately and more quickly than the mainstream media propagandists and their Big Tech Orwellian censors.

But getting back to the Diamond Princess, it now looks like the total number of eventual infections will almost certainly exceed 800, and it turns out this cruise ship isn’t the only one that harbored the coronavirus (see below).


Notice how “Hawaii” keeps popping up again and again?

Our recent prediction that Hawaii would be the epicenter of the first major outbreak hub in the United States of America continues to gain more support. Today, Delta Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines have both confirmed that a coronavirus infected couple flew on their planes, potentially spreading the virus to hundreds of other passengers.

As The Epoch Times reports:

A husband and wife from Japan departed from Oahu later tested positive for the virus, KHON2 reported. Delta told the station that Flight 611 left from Honolulu to Nagoya on Feb. 6.

Delta said it is working in coordination with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Japanese authorities, according to the news outlet. The airline also is attempting to contact any passengers who might have flown on the same flight.

Just as we’ve been warning, it looks like the island of Oahu — or at least the Honolulu airport itself — may be harboring coronavirus infections which might be spreading in stealth mode (incubation period) among passengers and workers.

This particular flight took place on Feb. 6th, which means other infected people could still be in a symptomless incubation period.

Three days earlier, the same couple also flew on Hawaiian Airlines flight HA265 from Kahului to Honolulu.

It’s not yet known on exactly which day this couple contracted the virus or who spread it to them, so it’s feasible they might have been infected by some other passenger on the flight from Honolulu to Japan. It’s also possible there may be a stealth outbreak taking place right now in the Honolulu airport that simply hasn’t been diagnosed or publicly admitted yet. The husband “started to exhibit mild, cold-like symptoms without a fever” on Feb. 3rd, says TET.

Hawaii depends on tourism for the vast majority of its economic activity, and any official admission that the coronavirus is spreading anywhere in Hawaii will almost instantly collapse tourism traffic there.

Health officials in Japan are desperately trying to track down everyone who shared the flight with that couple.

We wish them luck.

Hundreds of passengers walk off cruise ship docked at Cambodia after passenger confirmed with coronavirus infection

If you thought the mad scramble to contain the virus couldn’t get any more fubar, hundreds of passengers just walked off a Westerdam cruise ship docked at Cambodia after a female passenger was confirmed to be carrying the coronavirus there.

Hundreds of those passengers have already flown home, after first traveling through Malaysia and Thailand, and the company that owns the cruise ship is frantically trying to alert local health departments in all the various countries that potentially cross-infected people may have just brought the virus to their home countries.

Imagine the joy of working for the health department of, say, Germany, and opening up your first email of the day, “Dear German Ministry of Health: We just allowed a possibly infected passenger to walk off a ship in Cambodia and fly back home to Germany, and we have no idea idea where they are now, but good luck!”

The ship reportedly carried 1,455 passengers and 802 crew members. The American woman who tested positive for the virus had been on the ship for over two weeks after originally departing from Hong Kong.

As we’ve already learned from the Diamond Princess saga, cruise ships are not level-4 biohazard quarantine facilities, and passengers end up sharing all the same air, infecting each other during the so-called “quarantine” which is actually a non-quarantine quarantine. As I wrote in an important article on this published yesterday:

Apparently, no government health authorities have yet realized that a quarantine which allows shared air among the quarantine participants is no quarantine at all because cross-infections can be initiated during any day of the 14-day quarantine. A real 14-day quarantine must secure total isolation for all participants so that each individual is isolated from all others for the entire duration of the quarantine. That’s the only way you can know they aren’t infected. (And technically, it needs to be 24 days, not just 14.)

A 14-day cruise with an infected carrier gives the virus every opportunity to cross-infect hundreds or even thousands of passengers because they all share the same air and public spaces.

Currently, over half the non-China infections around the entire world are attributed to a single cruise ship.

Cruise ships and airplanes today, subways and Uber vehicles tomorrow

These reports underscore how quickly the coronavirus can spread through international travel and shared transportation vessels, given how the virus can be transmitted through the air and survive on surfaces for up to 9 days.

What we’re seeing on cruise ships and airplanes right now is, of course, going to explode globally, since government health authorities are largely unable to contain this outbreak. The next wave of the outbreak will spread through subway cars, commuter trains, buses and Uber vehicles. And guess where those are popular forms of transportation? In liberal cities.

As we mentioned yesterday, high-density cities are the most likely outbreak hubs, and those cities largely depend on public transportation rather than private vehicles. This means those cities have a natural structure that accelerates the spread of pandemics such as the coronavirus.

All it’s going to take is a single passenger on a subway in NYC, or Toronto, or BART in the Bay Area. Just one passenger will infect hundreds, and then those hundreds will infect tens of thousands. Then it’s completely beyond control.

That process may in fact already be under way in the Honolulu airport, it seems likely. It raises the question: Where else is this virus spreading in stealth mode, totally undetected by health authorities until full-blown symptoms appear weeks later?

We believe the CDC is already aware of such outbreaks taking place in Hawaii and elsewhere and is preparing to tell America that the coronavirus cannot be contained.

Or perhaps they might go the China route and just pretend that infected people aren’t infected. Yeah, that’s a genius idea…

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