Health benefits of detox drinks and green smoothies

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Image: Health benefits of detox drinks and green smoothies

(Natural News) As its name suggests, detox drinks help purge toxins from the body. They also help in improving health and losing weight. A green smoothie made from whole food and natural plant-based ingredients will prove a very healthful addition to any diet.

The US Office for Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP) reported that 75 percent of the US population does not include enough fruits and vegetables in their diets. Consuming detox drinks and green smoothies may help bridge the nutritional gap.

Making these healthful drinks is as easy as putting raw ingredients in a food processor, picking the right setting, and pressing the blend button. Thus, green smoothies provide a convenient way for a person to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Green smoothies are also healthier than merely juicing fruits. By using fresh ingredients, a green smoothie keeps the fiber content of fruits and vegetables. Dietary fiber contributes to digestion, metabolism, and health.

The U.S. Food Nutrition Service noted that child nutrition programs might benefit from the inclusion of green smoothies. Children might find the blended drinks easier to consume than a whole fruit or vegetable. (Related: 13 Natural diuretic drinks that are great for detoxing.)

The health benefits of detox drinks

The raw ingredients that go into a green smoothie will set the healthfulness of the drink. Healthier ingredients increase the benefits.

For example, a lemonade detox drink uses cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and maple syrup. All three ingredients have beneficial compounds: cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, lemon juice has vitamin C, and maple syrup provides antioxidants.


However, it doesn’t contain enough amounts of other nutrients like fiber, minerals, proteins, and vitamins.

In comparison, a green smoothie delivers sufficient amounts of a wider variety of nutrients. Further, it doesn’t contain much fat, salt, and sugar.

Beet, cabbage, carrots, celery, cloves, kale, parsley, spinach, and turnip often serve as ingredients for green smoothies.

Some combinations for green smoothies may prove too strong for easy consumption. Look for recipes and try them out to determine which ones cater to the palate while providing much-needed nutrition.

A fruit smoothie tastes sweeter than a green smoothie, which makes it easier to drink. Fruits contain many minerals and vitamins.

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) remarked that a fruit smoothie preserves more fiber from the whole fruit. The federal agency also noted that most US citizens do not get enough dietary fiber for their daily nutritional needs.

To boost the protein content of a fruit smoothie, try adding yogurt. Every 100 g of Greek yogurt contains roughly 9 g of protein.

Detox drinks made from whole foods and natural ingredients help achieve a healthy diet

It is also possible to use both fruits and vegetables to make a smoothie. That way, a person gets the best of both worlds, a tasty drink that contains nutrients from both types of plant produce.

Adding other plant-based whole foods would likewise increase the healthfulness of detox drinks and smoothies. Popular additions include nuts and seeds, which feature significant amounts of dietary fiber, protein, and numerous essential nutrients.

Chia seeds and flaxseed – which may help protect against death caused by breast cancer – contain omega-3 fatty acids. They make for popular and healthy additions to green smoothies.

Oats are another healthy ingredient added to smoothies. Rich in dietary fiber and protein, oats help thicken a smoothie.

Since it is easy to make a smoothie, people may try various recipes and ingredients to determine what suits them.

A healthful diet with enough fruits and vegetables provides sufficient good fats, dietary fiber, and proteins for the natural detoxification system in the body. Detox drinks and green smoothies offer an enjoyable and convenient way to achieve that diet.

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