President Trump says Big Pharma could be driving impeachment hoax

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Image: President Trump says Big Pharma could be driving impeachment hoax

(Natural News) During a recent interview, President Donald Trump made the bold suggestion that the pharmaceutical industry might be a culprit in this latest impeachment “inquiry” hoax.

While discussing his administration’s continued efforts to lower drug prices for Americans, Trump stated that “it’s not easy” because Big Pharma is notorious for attacking its opponents “from all different sides.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the hoax didn’t come a little bit from some of the people that we’re taking on,” Trump stated, “the hoax” of course referring to the impeachment probe. “They’re very powerful. They spend a lot of money.”

Trump went on to state that the pharmaceutical industry spends “more money than any other group in the world … in terms of lobbying and lobbying abilities,” which is something that Natural News has likewise warned about in the past.

“And I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the nonsense that we all have to go through – but that I go through … was from some of these industries like pharmaceuticals that we take on,” Trump further concluded about who’s working against him.

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Former drug executive suddenly “commits suicide” not long after agreeing to take on Big Pharma

Naturally, the mainstream media was quick to condemn President Trump for these statements.

CNBC, for instance, ran a headline declaring that Trump’s claims about Big Pharma pushing the impeachment probe are “without evidence.”


“The president did not offer any evidence to back up the claim,” declared CNBC‘s Jacob Pramuk – case closed. Or is it?

As you may recall, a pharmaceutical executive by the name of Daniel Best mysteriously turned up dead almost one year ago, on November 1, 2018. Best had been tasked with overseeing the federal government’s efforts under Trump to lower prescription drug costs.

But the Bay Village official suddenly “committed suicide” conveniently and suspiciously while he was overseeing the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in its efforts to hold the drug industry accountable for price gouging American consumers.

“Police say Best was found ‘unresponsive’ near the garage door exit of an apartment building in Washington, D.C.’s Navy Yard neighborhood at 5:25 a.m. on Nov. 1, and was pronounced dead by medical personnel who responded to the scene,” reported

“The city’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner on Thursday said Best died from ‘multiple blunt force injuries’ and it ruled his death a suicide. It would not release further information,” that report went on to say.

Was Best “arkancided,” to borrow a term from the Clinton Body Count saga? Or did he really off himself for no apparent reason?

According to HHS Secretary Alex Azar who announced Best’s death, the 49-year-old former CVSHealth and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals executive was eager to go after Big Pharma for price gouging “out of a desire to serve the American people by making health care more affordable.” So why would he suddenly end his life?

These are questions that the mainstream media refuses to ask, even as outlets like CNBC insist that such anomalies are “without evidence” in terms of suggesting that Big Pharma might be engaging in foul play.

Big Pharma controls most politicians, but not Trump

With plenty of money to grease the political wheels, the pharmaceutical industry holds a tight grip on most American politicians. It also controls much of the media, including “conservative” news outlets like Fox News that heavily promote drugs and vaccines.

But things are different with Trump in office. Big Pharma can’t control what the president says or does because, as far as we can tell, he’s not taking contributions from the industry like most other politicians do.

Connecting all the dots, the only logical conclusion is that the drug industry is retaliating against Trump for refusing to tow the pharma line like everybody else in Washington, D.C. – this seemingly explaining why Trump remains in the impeachment crosshairs.

“How do you get multiple blunt force injuries while killing yourself,” asks Dean Garrison of about Best’s alleged “suicide,” which also ties into all of this.

“How do you have enough energy left to deliver the death blow after you’ve already beat yourself to a bloody pulp?”  he further asks.

Nearly all states have joined onto a lawsuit against the drug industry for price gouging

One thing is certain: The drug industry does not want to lower drug prices, nor does it want to have to compete in a true free market. This is why cannabis and other natural alternatives are constantly being vilified by those on the pharma dole.

But things are starting to change. In addition to Trump’s efforts at the federal level to reign in the drug industry, 44 states have also filed a lawsuit against the nation’s largest generic drug manufacturers for over-inflating their prices, in some cases by more than 1,000 percent.

The American public is catching on, in other words, and we have President Trump to thank for refusing to capitulate to arguably the most corrupt industry on the planet.

“Trump keeps closing in on the pharma crooks and he might very well be right that they are involved in financing his impeachment,” Garrison concludes.

“If he is, that is really bad news because they give to both sides of the aisle. They could easily sway many Republicans.”

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