Statins are a scam: Learn the secrets of natural heart health with Natural News’ latest book

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Image: Statins are a scam: Learn the secrets of natural heart health with Natural News’ latest book

(Natural News) One in every four Americans takes a statin. Statistically, that means you probably know someone who is on a statin drug. Millions of people are dutifully taking their medication, believing it is the only thing between them and a heart attack. If you believe what the pharmaceutical industry says, statins are essential for heart health and everyone over the age of 45 should be taking one. But research shows that statins are not nearly as beneficial as Big Pharma proclaims them to be — and more importantly, studies show that statin drugs are actually harmful.

Like so many pharmaceuticals, statins are linked to a bevvy of unwanted side effects and adverse health outcomes. But, there is another way to fight heart disease and prevent heart attacks. In the latest Natural News book, Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease and Cardio Related Events, you can learn all about the dietary modifications, lifestyle changes and supplement regimens that can help reduce your risk of developing heart disease — and can even help reverse damage that’s already been done. While Big Pharma may want you to be dependent on their drugs, the truth is that you don’t have to be. Good health doesn’t come from a pill bottle.

The statin scam

According to Big Pharma, statins are some kind of miracle drug that lowers your cholesterol and prevents heart attacks. But the reality is that the pharmaceutical industry relies on statistical deception to push the idea that their products actually work. There is a growing body of research which proves that not only do statins fail to help protect patients’ health — these drugs are actually harmful.


A study published in 2012 discovered that statin users were more likely to have calcified arterial plaques, and a higher prevalence of obstructive coronary heart disease. Coronary artery calcification is a “strongly established” indicator for adverse health events — including heart attacks, the very thing statins are supposedly designed to prevent.

Studies have linked statins to all kinds of issues, including an increased risk of memory loss, diabetes, and cancer.

In 2015, a pair of researchers took a closer look at the claims Big Pharma makes about statins — and found that the industry was using statistical manipulation to artificially inflate the efficacy of their drugs. While pharma companies claim that statins can reduce your risk of heart attack by 3o to 50 percent, the scientists say that statins only reduce the risk of heart attack by about one percent. When you combine such low efficacy with the myriad of ill effects statin drugs are tied to, it’s obvious that Big Pharma is just looking to make a quick buck.

Statins are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the deceptions peddled by the pharmaceutical-medical industrial complex. You can learn more about what conventional medicine gets wrong about heart health by clicking here.

Get heart-healthy, naturally

Despite what mainstream medicine wants you to think, you can take charge of your well-being and you don’t need to rely on pharmaceuticals to maintain your health. In fact, the more involved you are with your own self-care, the better off you’ll probably be. Your health is one of the most important investments you can make — and all it really requires is your time. Taking the time to eat well and be active is essential to improving your heart health. And with the latest book from Natural News, you can learn the ins and outs of good nutrition, and how you can use nutrition as a tool to promote heart health and reduce your risk of disease.

Healthy living isn’t all about what food you eat. In Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease and Cardio Related Events, we explore lifestyle tips for limiting exposure to toxins and other harmful chemicals, getting active and more. When it comes to heart health, it’s never too late to start making changes. Click here to learn more about natural heart health today.

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