Tech giants are COLLUDING to silence all independent media, steal the 2020 election and suppress human knowledge

Image: Tech giants are COLLUDING to silence all independent media, steal the 2020 election and suppress human knowledge

(Natural News) It truly is unprecedented how quickly open censorship of free speech has gone mainstream, with leftists everywhere cheering on tech giants like Facebook and Twitter as they “bravely” stifle conservative viewpoints from being expressed and shared online.

As we have been warning, Big Tech is now fully engaged in an active collusion conspiracy to not only silence dissenters, but also steal the 2020 presidential election using whatever means necessary.

Thanks to the truly brave work of Project Veritas, we now know that Google is manipulating search and autocomplete results to favor far-left content, driving its users away from conservatism. And YouTube, which is owned by Google, is doing the exact same thing.

The only tech platform that aren’t trampling the First Amendment are sites like, a free speech alternative to YouTube, as well as Bitchute, another independent YouTube substitute.

But the sites that, admittedly, most people are still using – Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, and Instagram, to name just a few – continue to shamelessly exploit their monopoly status by hand-picking what their users are and aren’t allowed to see, which is the same thing that happens in communist dictatorships like China.

Amazingly, the very same leftists who scream that “no human is illegal” see nothing wrong with speech they don’t like essentially being made illegal by the tech cabal. Not a single leftist has come out in condemnation of Vimeo, for instance, banning the entire account of Project Veritas for blowing the lid on Google.

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Vimeo has also banned Natural News, and yet not a single “open borders” Democrat has come out publicly to condemn Big Tech for building a giant, digital wall between our content and people who use Vimeo.

“It is now abundantly obvious that these tech giants are conspiring and colluding to carry out acts of extreme criminality and fraud against the world,” warns Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, pointing to a recent tweet by Project Veritas that proves this.

Don’t be fooled, Democrats: If the tech tyrants are successful at eliminating our free speech rights, yours are next!

In that tweet, Project Veritas noted that, right around the same time that YouTube banned Project Veritas videos covering an investigation into Pinterest, Twitter suspended Project Veritas for the very same thing. Immediately after that, Reddit banned Project Veritas as well, followed by YouTube banning videos investigating Google. And right after that, Vimeo followed suit by banning Project Veritas as well.

“DO YOU THINK BIG TECH IS WORKING TOGETHER?” Project Veritas asked, rhetorically.

The answer to this question is an undeniable yes, though the left will never admit to it – that is, until Big Tech eventually targets their free speech for elimination, which is certainly part of its later-stage agenda.

If history is any indicator, once the tech giants fully extract maximum use out of these useful idiots, they’ll be next on the chopping block. The left might think it has the upper hand, but this illusion will eventually be shattered, and ultimate tyranny will ensue.

“Humanity will never be free as long as these tech tyrants are allowed to run roughshod over basic human rights and civil liberties,” Adams points out, making the case that all speech needs to be protected if any of it is to be protected.

“It’s time for the CEOs of these tech giants to be arrested and criminal prosecuted for their coordinated, criminal collusion and fraud,” he further contends.

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