Commie medicine: Synthetic vitamins and pharma chemical ingredients mostly come from China

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Image: Commie medicine: Synthetic vitamins and pharma chemical ingredients mostly come from China

(Natural News) The mainstream media is finally catching up to the fact that the vast majority of the pharmaceutical drugs that Americans take are manufactured in Communist China – a dirty truth that’s probably only being reported now that President Trump’s tariffs threaten to expose this Big Pharma racket.

While Natural News has been warning about China’s takeover of the drug market since at least 2012, mainstream news outlets are only just now realizing that upwards of 80 percent of all drug ingredients are now made there.

Everything from pain killers to antibiotics to aspirin to synthetic vitamins, including as much as 90 percent of the world’s vitamin C supply, now comes from China, which means China is now the world leader in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Not only is China manufacturing most of the ingredients used in America’s drugs, but as we reported, China is also ripping off Big Pharma’s patents and creating cheaper generics – which is great for consumers, but not so good for intellectual property rights.

“So far Chinese companies are making generic for everything from high blood pressure to chemotherapy drugs,” reports indicate. “90 percent of America’s prescriptions are for generic drugs.”

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In as little as nine years, ALL generic drugs could come from China, warns expert

While Natural News is hardly a fan of Big Pharma, we do recognize that when it comes to China’s takeover of the drug industry, nobody wins except for China. Sure, some generic drugs might become more affordable in the short term, but eventually drug companies here in our country will stop making them, handing complete control over the world’s medicine supply to a communist dictatorship.


“In five to ten years we are at risk of losing our generic drug industry, because China will use the same playbook and undercut our own producers and drive them out of business,” warns Rosemary Gibson, author of the book China Rx – Exposing the risks of America’s dependence on China for medicine.

Again, the short-term benefits for patients would be appealing in such a scenario. But Gibson urges people to “imagine if China turned off that spigot,” meaning what if China decides that, in response to President Trump’s trade wars, it will no longer supply the U.S. with generic drugs?

“China’s aim is to become the global pharmacy to the world – it says that,” Gibson contends. “It wants to disrupt, to dominate, and displace American and other Western companies.”

China, as you may well know, is notorious for “bootlegging” the innovations of others, including patented drugs. “Piracy” of music, software, and even hardware is rampant throughout China, as intellectual property rights don’t exist there, seeing as how the country is communist.

This directly conflicts with American values, which hold a degree of respect towards innovation that’s greatly lacking in China. Because of this, American businesses need to be careful to protect what’s theirs, and to not let all of their hard work be ripped off and imitated, typically at far lesser quality and reliability.

The war on kratom and other natural solutions for our health makes more sense now,” wrote one Zero Hedge commenter about the situation, pointing out that natural pain relief is already readily available from a simple Indonesian plant.

“Imagine if China cut out the middlemen of FDA bureaucrats, advertisers, insurance companies and regulatory taxers, our drug prices would crater,” commented another.

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