FDA declares open war against kratom by colluding with Indonesian government to ban its cultivation, export

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Image: FDA declares open war against kratom by colluding with Indonesian government to ban its cultivation, export

(Natural News) Having repeatedly failed to generate enough convincing propaganda to justify banning it outright here in the United States, the corrupt Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under President Donald Trump is now trying to eliminate all access to the herbal remedy kratom (Migtragyna speciosa) by pushing the government of Indonesia, where 95 percent of the world’s kratom supply is currently grown, to impose a total ban on the plant’s cultivation and export.

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is sounding the alarm about these devious machinations of the FDA, which recently went behind the backs of the American people and quietly traveled to Indonesia, using American taxpayer dollars, in order to lobby its Ministry of Health to prohibit Indonesian farmers from growing and exporting kratom – and the Ministry of Health apparently agreed to it!

So now, unless the Indonesian government can somehow be convinced to change its mind, Indonesian farmers will be forced to transition their kratom plantations into something else, or else be in violation of the country’s new prohibition law. In just five short years, which is when the ban comes into full effect, kratom could become a thing of the past for everyone, all thanks to the corrupt scheming of the FDA.

“The kratom farmers will have to start transitioning right away to protect their livelihood and that means big trouble for kratom consumers in the United States,” warns C.M. “Mac” Haddow, writing on behalf of the AKA. “The bottom line is kratom exporters have also been warned they should stop exporting kratom.”


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Contact your representatives, the president, and the FDA and tell them to keep their hands off your kratom!

In a David versus Goliath-type pushback, the AKA is forming a delegation of its own that will travel to Indonesia to speak with its government officials – this being the second delegation sent by the AKA to Indonesia for this purpose.

Former Congressman Matt Salmon, Utah State Senator Curt Bramble, and Dr. Jack Henningfield joined Haddow last month for an initial visit to Indonesia, during which time they learned that the FDA had, in fact, lobbied for a ban on kratom. This next time, the AKA delegation will speak to even more Indonesian officials in the hope that this ban can be quickly and permanently reversed.

“The Trump FDA’s lies about kratom had convinced the Ministry of Health that kratom was a dangerous drug and had to be banned in Indonesia,” Haddow writes. “They used the same outdated, deeply flawed, and outright deceptive so-called ‘science’ claiming kratom is an opioid, it is as addictive as classic opioids, and it is killing people.”

Even with Big Pharma hack Scott Gottlieb out of the way, the FDA under Trump still has a bizarre fetish with trying to ban kratom, a safe, all-natural, pain-relieving herb that’s helping tens of thousands of chronic pain patients get off dangerous opioid pharmaceuticals.

“If this ban is allowed to go into effect, it will effectively end consumer access to kratom in the United States, and the FDA won’t have to do anything more to declare victory in the War on Kratom,” Haddow further warns.

“Even if some black-market kratom gets into the United States after the Indonesian ban goes into effect, it will be so expensive that only the uber-rich will be able to afford it. And it will likely be extremely dangerous to consume because there will be no standards on growing, harvesting, and shipping.”

The AKA has set up a “Kratom Protection Fund” where supporters of health freedom can donate to the cause of protecting safe and legal access to kratom. You can also contact your representatives, President Trump, and the FDA to tell them to keep their hands off your kratom.

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