Get “hardcore” about weight loss goals, and cut out the harmful weight gain foods

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Image: Get “hardcore” about weight loss goals, and cut out the harmful weight gain foods

(Natural News) There’s one common, underlying theme with nearly every corporate made-and-sold food product in America. The slogan is the exact opposite of what it does to your body. No, canola oil is not “heart healthy.” It actually clogs your blood as it coagulates inside you. No, milk, it doesn’t “do a body good.” It actually causes inflammation and excess mucus production. Did you have a stuffy nose and some coughing this morning when you woke up? Are your ears ringing? That’s the inflammation talking to you. Still “got milk?” or do you “got” lactose intolerance, because there are many well-explained reasons why, if you do.

Wegmans, Whole Foods, Traders Joe’s – all GUILTY of loading up mixed, pre-prepped “salads” with blood-clogging canola oil

These stores say they’re promoting “whole” foods and healthy choices for their millions of customers and food-bar consumers, but are they really? Why in the world are they using so much canola oil in their mixed foods? Maybe because the food bar is exactly where there’s no list of ingredients. Oops.

For starters, consumption of canola oil worsens memory. Forget what you were looking for down those corporate aisles? Canola oil never spoils because it’s not even food. It’s rapeseed oil with most of the poison cooked out. Bugs won’t eat it. Not even cockroaches. Leave some outside in a bowl for six weeks and it turns into strands of gooey glue-like product that you would never eat, if you only knew. Well, knowledge is power and, “you’re welcome.”


So why do all these “healthy” chain stores push canola? Because it’s cheap, it preserves food longer, and nobody seems to know just how BAD it really is. It causes weight gain, as proven in clinical studies. By clogging the blood and causing dangerous plaques when it coagulates inside you, less oxygen gets to your brain and is distributed throughout the body.

Feeling lethargic? That’s the canola coagulating. Can’t remember where you put your keys, sunglasses, and phone? That’s the canola coagulating. Run into a brick wall while trying to shed some pounds? Stop wondering what’s wrong, and stop eating canola oil. Period.

Canola study published in the journal Scientific Reports shows it worsens memory and learning ability, plus causes weight gain

Researchers from the School of Medicine at Temple University blew the world’s mind when they published the astonishing results of a study done on canola oil consumption, which proves the opposite of the “catchy” slogan the world-famous product has carried for decades.

There is no study that could prove canola is healthy for the heart. They never even did one. That was a huge lie perpetuated over years to suck Americans into heart disease and dementia, two of the most costly sicknesses in the world.

Canola consumption forms amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles in the brain of animals, and these contribute to neuronal dysfunction, degeneration of the brain, and memory loss. Did Big Food and Big Pharma know this from the very beginning, in the mid-1980s? You bet they did. Read the history of canola and know the truth. This is all worth very careful consideration.

Bottom line: Canola oil is more HARMFUL than healthful for the heart and brain. In fact, it’s the perfect formula for a heart attack, a stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Only use organic virgin olive oil or organic coconut oil for your oil needs, and try not to cook with them often. Did you know there are delicious organic cheese substitutes that are non-dairy, nut-based, and actually healthy for you? Switch off of milk also, and buy organic hemp milk, oat milk, or coconut milk.

Want to lose weight, get to your ideal weight, and stay there? Switch to a whole food, plant-based food regimen (don’t call it a diet), and veer clear of animal fat and canola oil. You’ll be surprised how fast the unwanted weight comes off when you stop sucking down the world’s worst coagulating, inflammation triggers.

Tune in to for updates on foods that clog your heart and brain. Get the truth and get healthy now. There’s no time to waste. Now watch this “exposure” of the Whole Foods (and many others) food bar reality:

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