Image: The relationship between gut microbiota modulation and its ability to prevent disease

(Natural News) In this paper, researchers from Northwestern Polytechnical University in China made a comprehensive analysis of previous studies about the interaction between gut microbiota and diet composition, and its effect on gastrointestinal tract health. Their findings were published in the journal Food Science and Human Wellness.

  • The substantial amount of emerging research is evidence that gut microbiota has a significant impact on human health.
  • Normal gut microbiota affects the development of the immune system, nutrient absorption, tissue generation, morphogenesis, and bone homeostasis metabolism.
  • Alterations in gut microbiota have clear consequences on intestinal homeostasis, physiology, gut microbiome, immune system, and host metabolic pathways.
  • Diet composition plays an important role in the control of gut microbial populations and in the prevention, management, and treatment of certain diseases, such as cancer and diabetes.
  • Their analysis revealed that the gut microbiota can be modulated by diet and the composition of gut microbiota can be influenced by various diet components.
  • The symbiotic relationship between different gut microbial communities regulates the immune system and, therefore, any dysbiosis can dysregulate the immune system.
  • Further research is needed to fully understand the mechanisms involved in the interactions between diet composition, gut microbiota, and associated diseases.

Since there is still a substantial gap in the understanding of how diet modulates the microbiota and how microbiota modulates host immunity, the researchers concluded that new tools and approaches are needed to further investigate this as the modulation of gastrointestinal tract microbiota offers a promising new method for the prevention, management, and treatment of various diseases.

Read the full article at this link.

Journal Reference:

Rajoka MSR, Shi J, Mehwish HM, Zhu J, Li Q, Shao D, Huang Q, Yang H. INTERACTION BETWEEN DIET COMPOSITION AND GUT MICROBIOTA AND ITS IMPACT ON GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT HEALTH. Food Science and Human Wellness. September 2017;6(3):121–130. DOI: 10.1016/j.fshw.2017.07.003

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