Use your thoughts to shape your life and think your way to good health

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Image: Use your thoughts to shape your life and think your way to good health

(Natural News) Mind over matter, indeed. Your thoughts can change the order of your life. If you think you are healthy, you will enjoy good health.

Our consciousness as humans can affect the physical world. This was first demonstrated in the double-slit experiment of the 18th century. The thoughts of the participants in that study were able to change the composition of the physical objects that were under observation.

Furthermore, the world is in a constant state of change – and it is given form by our beliefs of what it should be like. We can change the shape of the world or direct its course elsewhere by focusing our minds so that we can see and feel something other than what we are feeling. By repeating this over time, we can turn this vision into reality.

The important thing is what we feel during the meditation. We turn our thoughts into reality all the time. The physical body of a human being is an extension of that person’s consciousness. The thoughts and beliefs of a person determine the state of their body, which in turn determines their health. (Related: The usefulness of guided meditation in improving the well-being of diabetics.)

Your beliefs and thoughts about your health determine your actual state of health

People who enjoy good health, lots of energy, and strong vitality become that way on purpose. They believe that their bodies can be very healthy, so their way of thinking reflects their belief. Their thought patterns lead them to develop habits that lead to that state of good health.

These people have clean and clear ideas about their health and their body. They make sure to feel what they want to feel. Eventually, their thoughts produce the result they want. And since they think about being healthy, they achieve that state of health.


Conversely, people who suffer from bad health, lack of energy, and poor vitality developed those conditions because they are always thinking that they are going to be sick or weak. Their illnesses, obesity, and poor shape stem from their belief that they should be unhealthy.

These people do not think that they can achieve a good weight or become immune to disease. Their mindset tends toward habits that weaken their health. Their minds are dominated by chaos, confusion, fear, and hatred of themselves. This kind of negative thinking leads to equally negative health.

Accessing the quantum field with your human mind

The current developments in science and technology reflect this. Artificial intelligence and advanced robotics need increasingly faster computing processes. In other words, they need computers that can “think” faster.

Quantum computing can provide these computational speeds. Once quantum computers can match the speed of humans when it comes to thinking and interpreting information, experts predict the emergence of a “technological singularity,” where a superintelligence will appear and produce technological advancements at a breakneck pace.

However, humans may very well be able to access the so-called quantum field well before the emergence of said superintelligence. This field of possibilities is said to be waiting for humans to make up their collective mind about what it is and what it can do.

Because humans have not yet decided what the quantum world should be like, it will continue to frustrate so-called experts who are still unable to explain and define it. But once we set our minds to it, we will be able to determine what comes out of the quantum field.

For now, start by putting thoughts of a healthy body and happy life in your mind. Doing so will start you on the road to turning those thoughts of good health into real health.

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