The best acupressure points for more youthful skin

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Image: The best acupressure points for more youthful skin

(Natural News) You can look and feel young again without resorting to toxic “beauty products” or costly “cosmetic surgery.” If you press certain acupressure points on your face and body, your skin will take on a fresh new glow within days.

Before you start, find a quiet place. Empty your mind, breathe evenly through your nostrils, and stay relaxed.

To activate these natural points, press either your palms or the balls of your fingertips into each acupressure spot for 10 seconds. Be gentle and firm. If the spot feels tender, it’s working.

Around your eyes is a good place to start. Press your middle fingers on the middle part of your eyebrows. Once done with that spot, carefully slide toward your temples and push down on those points. Afterward, press your fingers below your eyelids.

From there, slide your fingers to the inner corners of your eyes. Stop at the edge of your nose, near the edge of the eye sockets. Press down again.

Repeat this cycle for at least eight times. You’ll feel the changes, and then you can continue doing this for the rest of your face. (Related: Sleepless nights? Researchers find that acupressure can help.)

A quick guide to an acupressure massage for your face

Bring your middle fingers to your cheekbones and stop right below your eyes. Tap those spots with anti-clockwise motions. Perform the same gentle, counter-clockwise pressure on the corners of your mouth.

Now, set your fingertips at the spot between the tip of your nose and your upper lip. Make the same, slow circular motions.


Then put the pads of your thumbs beneath the tip of your chin. Move your fingers outward to the outermost parts of your jaw. Tap your thumbs there for two full minutes.

Place your fingers at your earlobe and move two inches in the direction of the lower edge of your jaw. You should reach the hinge point, which must be carefully pressed upward as you breathe.

Transfer your thumbs to spots that are one inch on either side of your skull’s connection with the spine. Push the tips of your thumbs here for two minutes.

It is now time to tap various muscles and spots on your head, neck, and upper spine. This spurs the blood to flow through those blood vessels.

Finish off the acupressure massage with an energy wash. Rub your clean hands together to heat them. Then brush your palms across your face to warm your skin and speed up circulation.

Always keep these youthfulness-inducing acupressure points in mind

There are five individual acupressure points that are closely associated with young-looking skin. They are your easiest and best options to relieve stress and put on a glowing look.

The spot between your eyebrows, where the bridge of your nose merges with your forehead, is called the Third Eye Point. Stimulating this spot will smooth your skin and improve its quality.

The bottom end of your eye socket holds the Facial Beauty Point, at the lowest part of your cheekbones on either side of your face. Try to massage this with your index fingers every day.

The Three Mile Point are a pair of points, one on each leg. They are located several centimeters below your knees on the outside of the shins of your leg.

To get to the Heavenly Appearance Point, start at your earlobe and trace your fingertips downward beneath your jaw bones. A few minutes of pressing these points every day makes for a glowing face.

Last but not least is the Heavenly Pillar Point. It is found below your head, at the rear part of your neck, and will relieve a lot of stress, which causes aging.

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