Political tyrants who were a CANCER on society head for the “political graveyard”

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Image: Political tyrants who were a CANCER on society head for the “political graveyard”

(Natural News) It doesn’t seem fair that so many U.S. politicians use their powerful positions to invest in war, pharmaceuticals, Big Food, and other killing machines, only to become millionaires or billionaires, with no repercussions for their actions. They should be arrested and jailed for insider trading, treason, premeditated murder, or something, but none of that ever seems to come to pass. Maybe nobody has to do anything to “level the playing field,” because if you believe in karma, it has its way of creeping in when least suspected and taking care of “business.”

Maybe that’s why political tyrants like Harry Reid and John McCain got “hit back” with cancer, and not the kind that the system they robbed so well could ever fix. Well, from ashes to ashes, and dust to dust. Welcome to the political graveyard, where you literally get what you go in for.

Karma strikes Senate Majority Leader: Cancer lesion on Harry Reid’s pancreas likely his life’s nemesis

Maybe Harry Reid will read this and learn that alkalizing the body is the best way to beat cancer, but then again, evil politicians don’t read real news, they like their fake stuff at CNN and MSNBC – the same clowns that promote GMOs, vaccines, flu shots, and global warming. Reid went in for a standard colonoscopy, only to find out he’s got pancreatic cancer, which happens to be the most deadly cancer with only about a five percent survival rate. Yep, he’s dying. If he only knew about the top 7 ways to beat cancer that the FDA buried. Oh well.


The chemo quacks will tell him to go home and die. I guess a poisonous career ended by a crippling “disease” where your own poisoned cells attack your healthy ones is justice served, but that sounds really mean … or does it?

It’s time to depart that long, miserable, tasteless career as a politician, Harry. You’re being held “in contempt” of your own health by your pancreas. Did you eat too many white foods that were bleached? Did you eat too much meat that was treated with ammonia to kill the E. coli and Salmonella? Maybe you drank too much fluoride-laced tap water because your dentist told you fluoride was good for your teeth. Oops.

Hey Harry, that forced healthcare you shoved down American’s throats can’t save you now, can it? Is that why it’s called “cancerous partisanship?” Not too many people are shedding tears over the end of the guy who claimed paying taxes is voluntary. Goodbye to the guy who, when asked about NIH funding if he could “help one child with cancer” would he do it, replied, “Why would we want to do that?” If only there was a “nuclear option” for cancer. Sorry about your luck, Harry. Looks like the ends does justify the means on this one.

War vet John McCain turns bitter as politician, wishes for the Iraq War to go on for 100 years, then dies of brain cancer

This past August, Senator John McCain died from the most aggressive form of a cancerous brain tumor called glioblastoma. If only he had known about Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski and his clinic in Houston, Texas, which wasn’t so far away from McCain’s death bed in Arizona. Way back in the 1970s, Dr. Burzynski discovered an advanced, cutting edge and non-toxic gene targeting cure for even the most lethal forms of cancer, including “terminal” brain cancers. He cured forty different kinds of cancer. He even cured children who were suffering from cancerous brainstem gliomas (same kind of tumor McCain had), even after the quacks and hacks at U.S. hospitals sent those kids home to die.

The 81-year-old ex-Vietnam prisoner of war underwent several surgery attempts and suffered from useless chemotherapy treatments, only to succumb to the tumor anyway. The illness didn’t stop McCain from spewing his bitterness all over the political playing field and at our military troops who are still fighting for their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.

American troops come home missing arms and legs, suffering from nerve damage and extreme post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but McCain, while dying from cancer, was still promoting the Military Industrial War Complex and saying at a town hall meeting that he wanted troops to stay in Iraq for 100 years, adding “As long as Americans are not being injured or harmed or wounded or killed…” – umm, since Operation Iraqi Freedom began on false pretenses in 2003, more than 31,000 U.S. troops have been wounded and more than 4,400 have died. So, you were saying?

Maybe bitterness and hatred are two of the top causes of cancer. We already know that stress is a major culprit. There is no silver lining in Senator McCain’s death cloud. Tune into NaturalCures.news for more information on ways to beat cancer naturally and not die from it like evil, rich politicians that live their whole adult lives as a blight on society.

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