Birth, School, Work, Death: The typical shortened American life of expensive, systematic health decay

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Image: Birth, School, Work, Death: The typical shortened American life of expensive, systematic health decay

(Natural News) For the majority of Americans, this tale from “A to Z” is a real life horror story of health pitfalls and bad choices that lead the “sheeple” right into the chronic sick care “bear traps,” but fortunately it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s all preventable, but because of tricky advertising, predetermined and censored Google search results, and sorry advice from allopathic quack doctors, most folks are slowly led by the hand to the proverbial slaughter houses (hospitals, oncology centers, and retirement homes).

The best healthcare coverage won’t save you from years of bad food and poor medicine choices. Toxic food and chemical medicine take their toll on everyone, and no human body or brain can sustain the onslaught of pesticides, heavy metal toxins, and lab-made concoctions that Western food and Allopathic medicine doles out for the masses who believe in it all.

It all starts in the womb, because so many pregnant mothers have no clue that flu shots contain mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde. Once the baby comes out, he or she is immediately dosed with vaccines that contaminate the gut, debilitate the immune system, create severe allergies, and wreck the central nervous system. Some children acquire autism from vaccines and never recover.

Then comes adulterated baby formula. Research reveals over 100 infant rice-based cereals sold in the U.S. contain alarming amounts of methyl mercury and arsenic, which can severely impair neurological development.

Next comes kid’s cereals, pop tarts, donuts, honey buns, white bread, and fast food – all of which are loaded with high fructose corn syrup, processing chemicals, artificial coloring, and pesticides.


Public school food is the “bottom of the barrel” when it comes to cheap, processed, junk-science animal feed, and it’s not much different than prison slop. If your child is suffering from lethargy, obesity, depression, allergies, asthma, anxiety, ADD or ADHD, you will surely exacerbate their conditions by having them purchase their breakfast and lunch at school. Avoid school food like the plague.

Then, parents try to do the right thing by purchasing over-the-counter (OTC) medications and taking their children to pediatricians, but the end result is a toxic wasteland of prescription drugs that simply manage the symptoms of T.F.D. – toxic food disease.

U.S. hospitals kick you while you’re down, and sadly, it’s planned that way

Then come trips to the doc-in-the-box (24-hour walk-in centers), the emergency room, and the hospitals for expensive, worthless diagnostic tests that are all designed to tell you every illness from which you and your children are suffering is genetic, and the only way to “manage” it all is with surgery, pharmaceuticals, and eventually, the biggest medical fraud ever, chemotherapy (which causes new cancers to develop). It’s all a chemically-fed scam and it costs you everything you have – your money, your time, your health, and your life.

Ever heard of (or taken) those U.S. hospital-recommended protein supplement drinks, such as Ensure,  Boost, Equate, Premier, or Glucerna? You’re sick or injured, stuck at a hospital trying to recover, and they feed you the worst, processed, junk-science, garbage food you could ever eat or drink.

Most protein drinks served in hospitals worsen health conditions almost immediately, because they contain some or all of the following: Genetically modified and processed byproducts of corn and soy, sugar, canola oil (coagulates in your blood), sucralose (artificial sweetener), conventional milk (often contaminated with pathogens, pus, and parasites), artificial flavors, refined salt, and of course, heavy metal toxins.

The government doesn’t bank on paying you your hard-earned Social Security money, because most folks die of preventable diseases before those days ever arrive

If you don’t know how to prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and dementia, you’re in for a rude awakening. Every other American will suffer from at least one of these preventable diseases, and half will die from them. Every medical doctor in America at some point blames inherited genes for your suffering, when a plant-based diet could cure it all in months, if not weeks.

American food is a formula for sickness. The gluten stops you up with toxins. The GMOs destroy your immunity and wreck your central nervous system. The artificial sweeteners and synthetic food coloring warp your cells. The processed sugar and hydrogenated oils fuel the cancer. The heavy metal toxins feed dementia. All those poisons are in the formula for allopathic medicine, and it doesn’t matter if you have the best medical plan in the world, because if the prescriptions and vaccines make you sicker, what’s the use?

Stick with organic food and natural remedies. When you feel ill, visit a naturopathic physician. Stay away from hospitals unless you experience an acute trauma such as a deep wound, or break a bone. This has been a public service announcement from Natural News.

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