Reduce your cardiac risk factors in just 6 months by regularly engaging in moderate exercise 3x a week

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Image: Reduce your cardiac risk factors in just 6 months by regularly engaging in moderate exercise 3x a week

(Natural News) When women reach middle age, they become more vulnerable to heart disease. To avoid these dangerous ailments, American researchers recommended taking up 30-minute-long aerobic exercise sessions thrice a week, an article in News Wise stated.

Beaumont Hospital (BH) researchers reported that women of middle age or older who followed this modest exercise regimen showed much lower risks of developing heart disease. Results could appear in as early as six months.

Their study involved participants of the Women Exercising to Live Longer (WELL) health program. WELL practitioners have displayed lower levels of blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight after several months of exercise. They also reported enjoying fewer signs related to anxiety and depression.

Heart disease is the most common cause of death for women in the United States. It can be avoided by eating healthier foods and getting at least half an hour of aerobic exercise on a daily basis for at least five times a week. Yet many potential victims find it difficult to make those changes to their lives. Women with sedentary lifestyles may be intimidated by the idea of performing vigorous moderate physical exercise on a nearly daily basis. (Related: Reduce women’s heart disease by staying active just 2-3 times per week.)

Regular aerobic exercise does wonders for all women

Participants in the WELL program undertook regular sessions of aerobic exercise over the course of six months. They were assisted by trained clinical exercise professionals who provided professional support and advice.


More than one participant reported shedding many pounds and getting thinner waists. They were sufficiently impressed with the results to continue the exercise regimen after the end of their participation in the program.

One particular participant, a former dietary aid, reported gaining weight and getting respiratory problems. Her family had a history of heart disease with her mother, aunt, and cousin all dying at age 42. Cardio exercise was able to greatly improve her health.

Other participants who took up regular exercise also displayed greatly lowered levels of cholesterol. Furthermore, they were able to more thoroughly enjoy their sleep, leading to increased happiness and energy levels during the following day.

Exercise not only improves your health, but brightens your mood

The BH study involved similar numbers of white and black participants. It is also the biggest study that focuses on the benefits of aerobic exercise on black women.

Black women are a racial group that vulnerable to heart attacks. They are also more likely to suddenly succumb to heart disease in their younger years.

“The challenge is to reduce barriers to exercise in black women and other “at risk” groups by increasing access to community-based exercise programs,” explained Dr. Barry Franklin, director of the hospital’s Preventive Cardiology and Rehabilitation department. “It is our hope and goal that many more women with disparities in cardiovascular health and traditional risk factors may realize the benefits regular exercise can provide.”

Study author Megan Bowdon reported getting numerous feedback about aerobic exercise not only improves the physical health of the participants, but also benefits their mental health. She notes how anxiety and depression could potentially ruin the quality of a person’s life.

The evidence from the research suggests that taking up regular sessions of moderate physical exercise could help reduce the symptoms of mental disorders.

“I love seeing the excitement the women have about their results,” Bowdon said. “Whether it’s weight loss, or cholesterol reduction or sleeping better, it’s amazing to see how proud the women are of themselves.” can tell you more about the benefits that regular aerobic exercise brings to women.

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