Enjoy summer flavors all year with this vegan black bean burger recipe

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Image: Enjoy summer flavors all year with this vegan black bean burger recipe

(Natural News) When was the last time you ate a burger? Even though we know about red meat’s link to cancer, it can be hard to resist a juicy burger fresh off the grill at a summer barbecue. Yes, there are healthier options, but many of the “alternative” burgers out there are dry and uninspiring. Thankfully, Dash of Amy has come up with a healthy and simple vegan black bean burger variation that hits the spot when you’re craving summer barbecue flavors and might even convince you to give up traditional burgers for good!

In a video posted to the new free speech video sharing platform Brighteon.com, the home cook behind Dash of Amy walks you through the steps in making this quick and easy meal. Amy is the mother of seven children who range in age from 5 to 25, and she is passionate about cooking with healthy ingredients. She’s been cooking for more than 25 years and started her video channel because everyone she knows is always asking her for her recipes. She strives to use organic, non-GMO ingredients as much as possible.

Easy, affordable, and vegan

She starts by placing half a red onion and some fresh cilantro in a food processor, although you could easily chop these ingredients finely by hand. Next, she adds two cans of drained black beans and pulses them to break up the beans; you could also do this with a potato masher.

Next, she transfers these ingredients into a mixing bowl and adds a strained can of organic corn. Next comes of the good part: the seasonings. Here, you could use whatever you want, but Amy has come up with a delectable combination that starts with half a cup of salsa – use an all-natural one or make your own – and a bit of sriracha. She also adds salt, chili powder, cumin, and black pepper.


Her recipe also calls for two seasoning blends. One is chipotle seasoning, but you could also use a small amount of fresh chipotles to get that same smoky flavor. She also uses chicken seasoning, but if you prefer to avoid packaged seasoning blends, you could add some garlic and onion powder for a similar effect or leave it out entirely.

The next step involves forming the mixture into patties. This recipe is enough to make 12 patties, although you can make more or less, depending on the size you desire. You can store any extras in the refrigerator or freezer before cooking them if you don’t plan to serve all of them at once.

After forming into patties, they should be dredged in some organic cornmeal; she suggests sprinkling it on a plate to make it easier to coat both sides. This step will allow the patties to get nice and crispy during cooking. When they’re ready to go, heat up some olive oil in a sauté pan and brown them on both sides, turning them when they look golden.

Get creative when serving healthy burgers

There are lots of ways you can serve these delicious patties. You could simply plate them alongside dipping sauces like salsa or guacamole and some sliced fresh vegetables. If you’re looking for more traditional hamburger experience, you can eat them on a bun – preferably homemade so you can control the ingredients – with the usual burger fixings like lettuce, sliced tomato, and ketchup. The recipe is vegan as written, but you can melt some cheese on top of the patties if you’d like.

You can find the full recipe here. If you enjoy it, be sure to check back with Brighteon.com for more in the future. Amy has already added her recipe for Cilantro Butter Chicken with Rice and Beans, which can be whipped up in under 30 minutes.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean giving up the foods you’ve always eaten. With a bit of creativity, you can enjoy familiar foods without sacrificing your health. Recipe videos like those on Brighteon.com can serve as a great source of inspiration as you hone your cooking skills.

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