Dump your TOXIC facewash for this healthy alternative: HONEY

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Image: Dump your TOXIC facewash for this healthy alternative: HONEY

(Natural News) Your skincare routine is about to get much sweeter! The sticky substance is a great all-natural alternative to commercial skincare products that are loaded with chemicals. Honey’s moisturizing properties ensure that even as you clean your face of bacteria, it stays hydrated and is not stripped of the good stuff, say experts. Honey is also effective in keeping those zits at bay as it produces hydrogen peroxide through an enzyme called glucose oxidase, an article on OrganicAuthority.com reports. Add to that are antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties (due to its slightly acidic pH level), and you have a powerful tonic that clears those breakouts quickly and efficiently.

The article notes that when using honey for your skin, it is important to get the raw, unpasteurized kind so you can get all the health benefits. If you can get it, try Manuka honey for even better results. The rare honey is available only in New Zealand, where it is taken from the Manuka tree. According to the article, it contains a compound called methylglyoxal, which supercharges its antibacterial and antiviral properties. In fact, a study has found that Manuka honey kills more bacteria than pharmaceutical antibiotics.

When you are doing a honey cleanse for your skin, do the following:

  1. It’s best to do your honey cleanse in the morning, though it can also be done at the end of the day as long as you remove make-up and dirt before you start.
  2. Start with a slightly damp face, lightly rinsed with water. This will make the honey smoother and less sticky, so you can spread it nicely across your skin.
  3. Take a teaspoonful of honey and gently massage it into your face, using a kojac sponge if you prefer.
  4. If you’re dealing with a breakout or skin dryness, let the honey sit on your face for five to ten minutes to allow your skin to absorb all of its goodness.
  5. Finally, using water and a washcloth or sponge, rinse the honey away.

Honey for health

Beyond being a beauty boost, the substance is also packed with health benefits, whether ingested on its own or incorporated into your diet. An article on MedicalDaily.com specified just some of the many ways that honey can heal ailments or boost one’s health. They include the following:


  • Allergy relief — There aren’t many clinical studies done to prove just how honey fights allergy symptoms, but the fact that many people continue to use it to avoid stuffy noses and swollen eyes is testament to its efficiency in providing allergy relief.
  • Energy boost — As a source of unprocessed sugar, honey lets the body directly absorb fructose and glucose. This will give you a quick burst of energy whenever you need it.
  • Memory boost — Filled with antioxidants, honey helps protect brain cells from being damaged, keeping your brain sharp and your memory great. Honey also aids in the body’s absorption of calcium, which is needed by the body in decision-making and processing thought.
  • Cough remedy — Honey’s consistency and flavor are said to be key in suppressing a cough. Taking a tablespoon or two of pure honey is common for those who want to treat cough, especially for children who can benefit from its all-natural healing properties.
  • Sleeping aid — Honey has properties that promote the release of serotonin, which is then converted to melatonin, the hormone responsible for a good night’s sleep.
  • Dandruff treatment — Honey mixed with warm water has been shown to stop the scalp from itching and flaking.
  • Wound and burn treatment — Because of its antibacterial properties, it is often applied on open wounds and lesions to keep it from getting infected.

Evidently, honey benefits pretty much your entire body, from outside in — making every pot worth its weight in (liquid) gold.

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