The modern toilet is costing America $142B in medical expenses

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Image: The modern toilet is costing America $142B in medical expenses

(Natural News) 104M Annual doctor visits for constipation remedied with simple patented bathroom accessory that allows users to push the “Poop Button.”

OJAI, Ca — While modern culture seems to have evolved from squatting outdoors to resting on a first-world porcelain throne, it appears the design of the common toilet is causing colons to atrophy, while resulting disease statistics and medical costs skyrocket. Without proper elimination – which is ideally 30 minutes after every meal – the human body is subjected to the buildup of toxic waste and the foundation for practically every major disease known to man.

Lauded by CBS-TV’s The Doctors, an ingenious device called The TurDle, can help transform the toilet from a dangerous convenience, into a much healthier household appliance, by applying gentle acupressure to the colon, stimulating the muscular organ into peristaltic action. The patented TurDle is available online at and retails for $24.95.

The 11¼ long x 6.5 inch wide foam appliance is brilliantly designed to apply precisely targeted pressure on the ascending, transverse and descending colon. When the tip is pushed into the sigmoid area in the lower left, Dr. David Rosenfeld explains on CBS-TV’s The Doctors: “That’s the poop button!” After just a few seconds of massaging, the colon can be activated to expel its contents more easily.

“As Americans, we tend to avoid the topic of bowel movements and digestive health in general” said inventor Reno Rolle, “The colon is one of the most vital organs in our body, its job is literally to take the trash out and it’s not difficult to imagine what happens to us when it stops working properly. Processed foods, sedentary lifestyle, lack of proper hydration, GMO’s, pharmaceutical drugs and the faulty modern toilet, all conspire to undermine colon function and are fueling an absolute epidemic of digestive heath disorders.”


Dr. Helmuth Billy, a bariatric surgeon, explains: “Humans are designed to squat with their body weight supported by the feet when evacuating the bowel. The modern toilet, long regarded as a cornerstone of civilization, is now falling under harsh criticism. Some experts are calling the toilet one of the worst inventions in the history of modern man, for the long term negative impact it can have on human health. The toilet instantly places us in the anatomically incorrect position for healthy bowel movements. When we sit on a toilet, there is no physical ‘touch’ to activate the colon. We are left to push and strain, which can exacerbate constipation and hemorrhoids while leading to countless other health related complications.”

Research on the subject was done at the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine and published in the Journal of Internal Medicine. “The Effect of Perineal Self-Acupressure on Constipation: A Randomized Controlled Trial” by Ryan Abbott, Ian Ayres, Ed Hui and Ka-Kit Hui, concluded: “self-acupressure improves bowel function, health and well-being relative to conventional constipation options alone.”

About The TurDle

The TurDle was created by award-winning inventor, Reno Rolle in an effort to help his mother who was suffering from terrible constipation during chemotherapy treatments. With help from a team of medical and IP experts, The TurDle design was finally perfected, after years of refinement and testing. The device is now patented around the world and available for purchase online at and will soon be in stores everywhere.

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