Survival expert warns Americans to ‘double down’ on survival supplies in preparation for a 2017 engineered crisis

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Image: Survival expert warns Americans to ‘double down’ on survival supplies in preparation for a 2017 engineered crisis

(Natural News) According to survival expert James Wesley Rawles, a former Army intelligence officer who operates, Hillary Clinton’s loss is a win for common sense in America. But he also cautions that Trump’s victory has opened a door for globalist provocateur George Soros to continue to fund opposition groups and protests. Some anti-Trump activists have plans to force shut downs of transportation networks on Inauguration Day.

The entire year of 2017, according to Rawles, could be one of upheaval as globalist forces fight against Trump and his vision for a renewed America. As reported by, even though America just “dodged a serious bullet,” deep concerns remain about social unrest, banking, economic collapse, inflation and the potential for a Venezuelan-like starvation scenario. Rawles urges those listening to “double down” all preparations in 2017.

Rawles and others, including Alex Jones, believe that the globalists will be more determined than ever to continue on a New World Order path. One way to do this is to ferment and create economic instability – perhaps in the form of higher interest rates – which could lead to banking turmoil, a market crash and the inability for America to pay its debts. This would create ripple effects nationwide and stop Trump from following through on his vision of a smaller and more efficient government operation.

Another devastating effect of a government unable to pay its obligations could be the loss of certain government assistance programs. Under Obama, as reported by, the federal deficit has ballooned to $1.7 trillion, the U.S. public debt has increased 55% and one out of every seven Americans are food stamp recipients. That’s approximately 45 million people. One can only imagine the chaos, desperation and potential for starvation if the SNAP program is discontinued or significantly reduced. Do you own seeds? Do you have the means to grow your own food? Have you considered purchasing long-term survival food for your family, like Numanna Organic?

Rawles makes it clear in his interview that he is concerned as never before for the welfare of this nation. He stresses the need to be “stocking up, teaming up and training up,” with potential repercussions that could last months, years or decades. In these unprecedented times, Rawles also believes, in addition to food storage and your families physical protection, there is an important spiritual component as well. As he puts it, “it’s time to get right with God.”


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