#2) Only ONE IN TEN PEOPLE have proper levels of vitamin D across entire U.S. population! - New study tested blood levels of 3,000 volunteers
by S.D. Wells
What the medical-industrial complex doesn't want you to know is that nearly everyone around you is suffering from the same problem, that way, when you talk to them for advice, they don't know what to do either.

The truth is shocking.

The U.S. government's Institute of Medicine(IOM) has intentionally downplayed vitamin D recommendations. They have "redefined" vitamin D deficiency to fool inquiring persons.

The IOM has gone OUT OF ITS WAY to artificially lower the threshold of vitamin D deficiency. The truth about vitamin D is a threat to the establishment.

Natural News documents this regularly, if you haven't noticed.

Vitamin D represents a greater threat to the medical establishment than any other single nutrient. When the sun simply isn't strong enough to deliver to you your free vitamin D (in about 20 minutes of hot sun), you simply MUST supplement.

Vitamin D can prevent osteoporosis and MS, which are very profitable diseases for the medical-industrial complex. As many as 270,000 million Americans are lacking proper vitamin D support.



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