#3) Vitamin D is extremely safe because it's a natural vitamin and hormone the body recognizes, even when taken as a supplement
by S.D. Wells
Research has proven that even when vitamin D is taken at 10,000 IU/day people have no toxicity. This has been proven by studying thousands of people.

How do you know if you are deficient? Are you at risk? Ask yourself these simple "ABC" questions right now:

  1. How much sun exposure do you get every day?
  2. Do you live above or below the 35 N latitude line?
  3. Are you over 40 years of age?
  4. Is your skin light, dark, very dark?
  5. Are you overweight?
  6. Do you have a chronic illness?

For example, although vitamin D is produced in the skin from a cholesterol derivative when we are exposed to UVB radiation from the sun, because of the axial tilt of the earth, the further north you live, the less the sun's rays activate it. Therefore, sun exposure does not always equate to optimal vitamin D status.

Stop being afraid to supplement! The fact is that the universal intake of up to 40,000 IU vitamin D per day is still unlikely to result in vitamin D toxicity.


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