#1) Welcome to the Medical Industrial Complex of 2015, where "Healthcare" is a scary term that means toxic "symptom management medicine" instead of nutrition
by S.D. Wells
Are you steeped in a lifestyle of eating "anything" anytime and waiting for the consequences to settle in, only using medicine to quell and cover up the pain of developing disorders and diseases?

About 200 million Americans are living just that way, however ...

Censorship and suppression against vitamin D is coming to an end!

A new study in journal Anticancer Research shows a typical adult needs 4,000 - 8,000 lus of vitamin D each day to prevent cancer (Not 400 - 800 as recommended by your government)

Vitamin D is one of the simplest, safest and inexpensive ways to prevent degenerative disease.

The REASON you need 4,000 or more lus daily is to maintain blood levels of vitamin D metabolites IN THE RANGE needed to reduce risk of breast cancer, colon cancer and type 1 diabetes.

Where is that information in the eleven million words of the Obamacare chronic-sick-care "Act?" It's a scam. Check out natural remedies right now!


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