#2) The U.S. Government is actively engaged in making children sick with processed GMO school food so they will have health problems that cost parents BIG dollars
by S.D. Wells
Michelle Obama spoke very promisingly about organic food when her husband jumped into the Oval Office, and she pushed for it in schools. The program failed miserably, but for one reason you probably don't know.

Her husband is in bed with Monsanto (figuratively speaking of course).

Yes, Monsanto runs the FDA, and they run the Big Food in schools, and "ain't nobody" pushing the bully around at lunchtime! Nope, kids -- come get your "grub" on, because this prison-grade slop isn't suited for cattle.

And guess what the biggest healthcare corporations invest in? - Fast Food! It's not sustainable -- not for the planet, the humans, the animals or the plants. School lunches fail the nutrition test that the schools teach kids about!

It's processed GMO everything, including vegetables that have been sprayed with pesticides. What choice do these kids have? Their parents packing their organic lunch -- that's the only choice for longevity.



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