#3) Most animals raised on corporation-run farms consume GMO feed, so in turn they are cancerous before you eat them or their byproducts
by S.D. Wells
If you don't know what CAFO stands for, it's “confined animal feeding operation.”That's okay. Don't feel bad; it's not taught in schools or advertised on TV.

CAFO means that the animals are fed toxic feed, like gelatin, GM soy, GM corn and GM alfalfa. This is herbicide food. It destroys weeds, not to mention the animal's digestive tract. It can destroy the reproductive system of the animal consuming it. Are you an animal?

CAFO means the animals are injected with synthetic growth hormones that cause breast cancer tumors in men and women.

CAFO means the animals are kept and slaughtered in inhumane ways, while their fellow animals watch and listen to the suffering. This suffering sends central nervous shock waves throughout the body, spreading hormones and antibiotics to the "meat" you'll eat...

Or will you?



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