#1) Nearly all corn sugar and HFCS contains pesticide that severely damages gut bacteria, your biological seat of immunity
by S.D. Wells
Go out and try to find something to satisfy your "sweet tooth" and I bet you that end up consuming something that kills the insects that eat corn. Go on, try. If you're not a health food "nut," then you probably don't know about sweet food that doesn't come from GM corn.

You might have never heard about organic chocolate with coconut oil and organic honey. You just go to the movie theater or the yogurt shop and pile on or "pile in" the high fructose corn syrup, or worse, some artificial sweeteners. They're synthetic too, you know.

You can run into this HFCS cancer-causing nightmare even in those "beloved" chicken sandwiches. Yep. Could you be shortening YOUR years on this planet? What ingredients should you be "boycotting" this year, and for the rest of your life?



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