You can't wash off GMO! Presenting the top seven reasons to never buy genetically mutated food
by S.D. Wells
Oooh, let's talk about the lies the food industry tells us! They brainwash us with commercials of food that looks good. They repeat what to eat over and over and over again, until it sinks in our brains.

But what if YOU are consuming pesticide DAILY, because the kind of pesticide lurking in genetically modified food (GMO) can never be washed off, and your body may not be able to dispose of it either.

That would mean your cells are mutating because they are trying to interpret the nutrition in the food and it's just NOT there.

The misinterpretation of things that taste sweet or salty tricks your body into ingesting bug killer and weed killer genes, and your gut is CREATING pesticide. Did you not know?

Why do you think the people who are so adamant about banning GMO are so dogmatic when they speak about it? They know. They don't want cancer. Listen to them.

You can't wash off GMO, so you better buy organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

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