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'Fake News' is a contrivance of the fakestream media that has completely lost control of every narrative... and now they're panicking

Mainstream media

(NaturalNews) There is a saying often misattributed to Mahatma Gandhi that goes, "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

This quote, which most likely was derived from a speech given by union leader Nicholas Klein in 1914, perfectly sums up the current state of relations between the so-called 'mainstream media' and alternative media.

All throughout the latest presidential campaign cycle, the titans of the Fourth Estate – self-absorbed, self-anointed and self-serving – completely whiffed its outcome. Assuring anyone who would watch or tune in that the election was in the bag for Hillary Clinton, they dismissed Trump as a buffoon, an imbecile, a lout, a womanizer, a racist, a bigot, a homophobe and a tax cheat.

The fakestream media, as it is now called, skewed polls, skewed coverage and did its best to shield Clinton from obvious conflicts of interest and [alleged] criminality.

Losing power and influence, the fakestream media no longer commands audience or respect

But none of it worked. In fact, all of the Trump-bashing may have actually helped him sail to victory, given that the public's trust in the media is at an all-time low.

The fakestream media was wrong about everything. They predicted a 98 percent chance Clinton would win. They predicted she'd win 323 electoral votes (she has 232).

They predicted she'd win all of the "battleground states." She didn't. In fact, Trump won nearly all of them – including the mostly blue states of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – to seal the deal.

The fakestream media said Trump's pledge to build a border wall and enforce immigration laws – which it called "racist" – would doom him with Hispanics and even blacks. He brought in more than the 2012 GOP candidate, Mitt Romney.

They said his raunchy comments would doom him with women. It didn't.

And so on.

Meanwhile, the 'alternative' media – sites like ours, the Drudge Report, Zero Hedge, Infowars, and more – reported the truth about Trump and his campaign, did not go out of our way to slime or smear him, and was accurate in our portrayal of all aspects of the campaign – not just those we wanted our readers to see. Some of us even predicted a Trump victory.

Nothing left but to concoct a fable about why it is now irrelevant

How did the fakestream media react? With disbelief. With shock. With anger. With head-shaking.

And also with ridiculous conspiracy theories about how news sites like ours were actually working with the Russians to spread propaganda and "fake news."

Not even kidding. Enter the Washington Post.

In a story it actually expects readers to believe, the Post published baseless allegations using 'anonymous' sources and supposed "independent research" organizations to actually claim that we and about 200 other news sites are part of some massive conspiracy hatched in Moscow to steal the election from Clinton and hand Trump a victory.

Understand that if anyone is guilty of creating and spreading fake news, it's the mainstream media. Long infiltrated by the CIA, as one of the Post's last real reporters, Carl Bernstein, uncovered in the late 1970s, the establishment press has been whoring itself out for every single Democratic and Left-wing cause for decades.

But as this election has proven, despite going all-in for Clinton, she lost and Trump won. So what does that tell you now about the so-called power of the mainstream media? It tells us that they are out as trusted, powerful and reliable purveyors of news and the alternative media is in.

The alternative media has ripped power away from the fakestream media

The fakestream has completely lost control over the country's various political narratives. It's no longer driven by the Post, The New York Times, the LA Times, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and the rest of the far-left media cabal. In fact, if you can sit through a typical political news show on Sunday morning or weekday evenings on the various cable channels, you will find that none of the hosts and so-called "experts" actually talk to the American people. They only talk to themselves. They pontificate about "the American people believe this" or "the American people will do that," but in the end, as this election has proven, they don't know what they're talking about.

We're not supposed to be sitting here today talking about "President-elect Trump" picking his Cabinet. We're supposed to be joyously celebrating the landslide election of the first female president, awaiting her coronation with bated breath, ready to elevate her to "queen" status before her shoo-in reelection in four years.

And of course, the fakestream media was supposed to be driving these narratives. Instead, they are left to sulk, whine about the Electoral College and fabricate stories about how the Russians stole our election and our democracy – without explaining why Vladimir Putin hates Clinton but loves Trump.

But it's all making this perfectly clear: The former 'mainstream media' no longer wields the power in the Fourth Estate. By being clear, diverse and accurate, we in the "alternative" press have become the powerful new mainstream. And don't forget, you can always access these truth sites via GoodGopher.com.







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