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The top seven ways you accidentally ingest toxins when dining out

Toxic dining

(NaturalNews) What's the best part of dining out? You don't have to prepare anything, you don't have to clean anything up, and it usually tastes great, especially if you order your favorite dish off the menu.

What's the worst part of dining out? Most of the food is prepared using ingredients that are processed and contain disease-fueling chemicals, synthetic preservatives and artificial additives. Even the water contains toxic sodium fluoride. The meat, eggs and dairy products usually contain antibiotics and growth hormones that were given to the animals. Anything fried is cooked in cheap hydrogenated oils that contain industrial toxins you'll never even read about. You never get an ingredients list, either, when you eat at a restaurant, unless it's some healthy place that is proud to advertise vegetarian, vegan and organic options. Nobody is saying you should never eat out again, and nobody wants to prepare and clean up every meal they consume, but there's a price to pay for being careless, and it goes way beyond the tab and the tip at the restaurant. "Waiter ... check please!"

Even the prepared food and salad bars can be dangerous to your health

Exchanging those fat- and sugar-loaded main entrees for some soup and salad at the restaurant? Things could be getting even worse for you. What do you think is in all those salad dressings, besides toxic soy and canola oils? Do you think that the lettuce, cucumber and tomato weren't sprayed with cancer-causing pesticides? Besides Chipotle, there aren't too many restaurants that aren't corporate run franchises and chains serving up genetically modified foods as the majority of the menu choices. Even "fine dining" restaurants fail to offer much in the way of organic. You may see "grass fed" options or "low calorie" options, but those are few and far between.

Big question: How often do you eat out? Once a day? Twice? Three times? Some people eat every meal out, and the only food they eat at home that's hot comes out of their microwave oven, which also causes cancer. In fact, many foods that are reheated at restaurants are microwaved ("nuked"). Wondering where that acid reflux came from? Why do you constantly suffer from heartburn and indigestion? Got food allergies? You can't read the ingredients off the products when you dine out because there isn't even a label, so what now? Maybe it's time to shop local, buy organic, Google some natural recipes and stop eating out so often. Want some help?

Here are the top seven ways you accidentally ingest toxins when dining out

1. Don't drink their water, as it's almost always tap water. Nearly all tap water in the USA is highly contaminated with sodium fluoride, other people's medications, lead and other heavy metal toxins. Cheap filters don't change a thing either.

2. Don't use the salt, since it's almost always irradiated, iodized table salt. If all restaurants simply offered sea salt, that problem would be solved.

3. Expect that the soup is a collection of leftovers with meat stock made from CAFO animals. Confined animal feeding operations are nightmares where animals suffer from disease, and the meat is often contaminated with E. coli or salmonella. That's why most meat is processed with ammonia and/or bleach to kill the "24-hour virus" and the deadly bacteria.

4. Most bread (including from the bread basket, appetizers and sandwiches) at restaurants is loaded with GMO fillers, gluten that contains glyphosate and dough conditioners that contain chemicals.

5. If the meat is not organic, it contains artificial hormones and antibiotics. Restaurants make a fortune from buying cheap meat and selling it to you at inflated prices. From steak and chicken to fish and pork, most of these animals are abused and drugged to the point that those drugs are directly transferred into your bloodstream when you consume them.

6. Nearly every dessert is loaded with genetically modified, cancer-causing corn syrup as the sweetener.

7. Fried foods are nearly all cooked with hydrogenated oils such as soybean, canola or some other genetically modified crop oil.

Knowledge is power – if you put it to use!

Yes, knowledge is power, if you choose to do something about it once you have it. Restaurants may provide you with convenient, tasty food and good service, but what's the true price you pay beyond the bill and gratuity? Could the most expensive part of dining out be the health bills you incur days, weeks, months and years later? There is a cumulative effect from consuming toxins day in and day out – they call it cancer, diabetes, heart disease and dementia. These diseases are all preventable. Advice? Dine out in moderation, never eat fast food, and let your fingers do the shopping ahead of time. Check the internet for restaurant menus, ingredients, organic options, non-GMO foods and local "farm-to-table" options.

Just because you choose to dine out doesn't mean the poisons need to "rush in." Be the smartest consumer you know and stay "in the know." It's always your choice. Eat food with integrity!

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