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Bug Wars! Superbugs creating health and environment devastation across America


(NaturalNews) Do you spray Roundup on the weeds in your yard? Do you get prescribed antibiotics by your medical doctor the second you have symptoms of sickness, like a sore throat, a stuffy nose, or maybe some yellow or green mucus? Do you eat meat that's not labeled organic?

In each of these ways, you could be fueling the superbug epidemics that are devastating America, and it could all be backfiring on your own health directly. Thirty years ago, biotechnology firms thought they were geniuses when they're scientists inserted the genes of toxic plants and insects into crops like corn and soy, only to find out that evolution would rear its head and the very insects that the chemical-agriculture companies seek to destroy became immune to the toxic insecticides and are now more prominent than ever. Even the weeds that biotech thought they were killing are worse now, taking over crop fields, no matter how much toxic herbicide farmers utilize.

Then, there are superbugs in hospitals and CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations). These are the bacteria like MRSA and viruses that are immune to the relentless assault of the overuse of antibiotics meant to quell disease-infested stables and hospital beds across the country. How did it come to this? Are all antibiotics virtually useless now?

Superbug MRSA–bacterial staph infection–is immune to nearly all antibiotics

MRSA, (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus), is a form of bacterial "staph" infection that is resistant to nearly all antibiotics, including oxacillin, methicillin, amoxicillin, and even penicillin. This makes things very difficult for doctors attempting to treat an MRSA "superbug" infection. MRSA infections can be fatal. In the US alone, there are about 100,000 invasive MRSA infections diagnosed every year, with nearly one fifth (20,000) of those killing the victims. About half of those infections originate in hospitals, mostly due to invasive health care (surgery, dirty instruments, etc). Staph bacteria, over time, have developed a resistance to penicillin-related antibiotics, including the semi-synthetic methicillin. Thanks to the mass overuse of antibiotics by doctors in America, penicillin is no longer a "wonder drug" for infections.

Drug-resistant E. coli–another deadly Superbug immune to the antibiotic colistin

If the overuse and abuse of antibiotics continues, it is estimated that by 2050, superbugs could kill a human every 3 seconds (That's ten million people worldwide, by the way). Now, a long-dreaded superbug strain of E. Coli has made its way to the US. Also called the "nightmare bacteria," Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or CRE, was first identified in China, Canada, and Europe, and is part of a deadly family of bacteria that is totally resistant to the antibiotic colistin. Why is this such a shocking revelation? Colistin is known as the "last line of defense" against such superbugs. Not any more. As evolution would have it, CRE is exchanging genes that have built resistance to the vital antibiotic, and according to medical experts and microbiologists, it's quite a disturbing phenomenon. Even the CDC is admitting that CRE germs are difficult to treat, and are killing off half of the infected patients.

What can be done? First of all, antibiotics don't impact viruses at all, and many doctors mistake the symptoms of viruses for common colds and bacterial infections, thus misdiagnosing millions of people regularly. On top of that, many medical professionals believe that taking the "full round" of antibiotics, even after they start healing from bacterial infections, is complete overkill.

Superbugs–a bigger risk than terrorism!

Think the war on terror is expensive? Try the war on superbugs, that could easily cost $100 trillion by 2050. Superbugs aren't limited to MRSA and E. coli either. Scientists have discovered drug-resistant malaria and tuberculosis bugs also, which could turn out to be the biggest challenges of all. One of the major contributing factors to the superbug outbreak in America are confined animal feeding operations used to breed and slaughter cows, pigs, turkeys and chickens. Welcome to an inside look at the merciless world of CAFOs–the mass superbug breeders. Corporate and industrial "efficiency" has become a massively careless, apathetic and pathetic means of profit at all costs, including torturing animals, endangering animal and human health, and raising medical expenses for those humans infected to astronomical numbers. CAFOs are very similar to the concentration camps of WWII, where animals are confined to highly overcrowded quarters, are fed toxic substances, and where urine and feces are not properly disposed. CAFOs are the mass industrialization of nature and a hidden display of complete ethical madness.

Western medicine has called antibiotics the "health care miracle of the last 500 years," but that time has already passed. The rampant overuse by the industrial food and animal production industry has virtually obliterated this "miracle." The fact is that two-thirds of all antibiotic use takes place in CAFOs to contain infections in the animals. Just in the CAFOs in the state of North Carolina, the use of antibiotics exceeds ALL use for human medicine. Each full-grown chicken gets less than one square foot of living space–imagine that–it would be like a human living in a small closet, locked inside with your own waste. Those same chickens are fed to cows, and the mad-mad cycle of insanity goes round and round. It's time for Americans to wake up, boycott CAFOs and the meat that comes from them, and avoid hospitals at all costs. Eat organic food and consult nutritionists regularly -- end of story.







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