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GMO scientists admit BT insect-killing genes in corn were overused and are now virtually useless

Bt corn

(NaturalNews) Corn rootworms cost the corn industry about $1 billion per year, and for the past 30 years, biotechnology companies have bragged about killing them by inserting toxic bacterial genes in the corn plant that dissolve the worms' insides.

The Bt genes (Bacillus thuringiensis) make the genetically modified corn plant poisonous to insects and animals, including humans, and the biotechnology industry has claimed for three decades that the science is settled on GMO: It provides "more yield" for corn farmers and is "safe" for all humans! These are huge lies. For monopolizing U.S. agri-chemical corporations like DuPont, Monsanto, Bayer, Dow Chemical and Syngenta, money isn't beside the point, it is the point. Now, even the scientists who created Bt corn are being forced to admit that evolution is winning, and the corn eating "pests" they have been bragging about beating back are now taking over their pesticide-ridden corn.

So what's their plan? Head back to the lab and create more chemical concoctions and dangerous, toxic gene alterations, and then tell Americans and the world that the "science is in" and it's settled, and they've discovered some new way to genetically engineer (insert poison into) corn to destroy the billion-dollar-problem of rootworms, all while helping "feed the world" – another huge lie.

With total disregard for human and environmental safety and sanctity, the biotechnology giants plow forward, battling evolution and losing every step of the way. Genetically modified corn plants that contain an insecticidal protein didn't kill off the rootworms; it made them stronger. DuPont "pioneers" have failed humanity and destroyed the sustainability of conventional corn, but wait, they've got a new discovery they swear in peer-reviewed science journals will be "very efficacious." Sure! And don't forget about Monsanto, also known as "MonSatan," the chemical-agriculture giant that's been poisoning rootworms and Americans for 30-plus years. They too are working on a "new weapon" of mass destruction for the billion dollar worm problem. It's called RNA interference, where the corn plants produce a mechanism that poisons the rootworms as they consume one of America's top crops.

The big hurdle? Biotech's shill scientists must convince regulators that it's safe for people and the environment. How will they do that? Lies and money. The biotech industry hasn't learned their lesson yet from overusing toxic genes that are only supernovas for the farming industry "yield" improvements. Evolution, again, has reared its head and overwhelmed the entire GM corn industry, as the rootworms have become resistant to the Bt genes.

Years ago, scientists warned the EPA not to plant the Bt rootworm-fighting corn, saying that the insects would quickly evolve to resist it, and they were right. But powerful corporate lobbyists paid off the regulatory agencies and lied to Americans, saying there was a "world scientific consensus" on GMO safety and efficacy, when there obviously was not.

Now, more than 90 percent of U.S. corn is genetically modified, and the superbugs are devastating it. Instead of using natural crop rotations to control pests, now those same farmers are piling on the toxic, cancer- and Alzheimer's-causing pesticides and herbicides, trying to beat back evolution. It's not working. It only took a dozen years for Bt-resistant rootworms to appear, and that was more than a decade ago. Now the biotech scientists are backpedaling, struggling to explain away their great failures, and spreading new propaganda that they've discovered new soil bacteria that will win the corn pest war.

'Innovative' insect control really just more chemicals for American consumption, driving preventable disease rates even higher

It's now scientific fact that most "scientific" reports are lies – basically propaganda scripted by biotechnology companies to sound promising, beneficial, safe and effective, when just the opposite is the case. The Big Food and Big Ag industries have enlisted academics, scientists, journalists and even regulators to regurgitate their lies, convincing government officials, politicians and the American public that genetic engineering is safe and effective. Under the guise of "world class science," biotech companies use terms and phrases like "sustainable" and "innovative" to brainwash uneducated consumers into eating chemicals daily. The future of agriculture is based on dangerous assumptions that the same toxic genes used to destroy insects' digestive tracts and reproductive systems somehow don't destroy human digestive, reproductive and immune systems. Farm animals are fed genetically modified food, and their toxic meat and byproducts go from "farm to table" without any inspections for health safety.

Anyone who hasn't figured out that the same chemicals that kill insects, whether sprayed on crops or inserted into the plant genes, are causing the majority of health and environmental disasters today, is naive and/or has been told lies. GM corn, soy, canola, alfalfa, papaya, beets, tomatoes and even oranges (created for blight), are the new generation of cell disorder and nerve damage, and you won't read about that in those propaganda-based "peer review" science journals, so don't bother browsing for them. There's a new war, and it's the war for organic food. Join the clean food movement, and support local and organic farmers while growing your own healthy vegetables and herbs. Remember, you're not "anti-science" if you don't believe in consuming chemicals.

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